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In Memory of Reg.#33112, Constable Nancy Marie Puttkemery
Honour Roll #214
The RCMP's First Woman Pilot
Mountain View Cemetery. Thunder Bay, ON.

Over the Miles

Over A Remarkable RCMP Career

Over the years and over the miles, I have made hundreds of friends while serving on RCMP assignments across Canada and America, throughout Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe & Central America. No matter the continent or the country, these friends made a huge difference in my life.

My career with the Force was long, rewarding, challenging and exciting. I was very fortunate to have met good friends in a variety of situations at home and in far away places. I was fortunate to have met people from all walks of life.

In every case, all of these people were good natured, hard working and positive about life. They all had some fond connection to the Force and they spoke proudly of the RCMP and its work in Canada.

I tip my Stetson to my family and to all my friends and I extend all my affection to you. Thank you!

I am very, very indebted to Canada and to the Force for a long and remarkable career. I am very honoured to have served Canada as a police officer.

All the work on the website, database and the blog is done voluntarily -- in honour and in memory of all the deceased members of the Force -- many of whom I knew.

I am very pleased to share my memories, photos and some letters from friends.


Friends & Acquaintances

in Alphabetical Order

Her Majesty The Queen
Queen Elizabeth II
Mr. David Alward.
Premier of New Brunswick
Excellency Mr. David Johnston
Governor General of Canada
Canada's Grey Cup
Ms. Margaret Atwood. OC
Canadian Author
Sir Ian Blair.
Commissioner, Metropolitan Police. London, England
Mr. Gordon Campbell.
Canadian High Commissioner,
London. England
Mr. Don Cherry.
The Coach's Corner.
CBC Hockey Night In Canada
The Right Honourable
Mr. Joe Clark PC, CC, AOE
Canadian Prime Minister (Retired)
Mr. David Dodge
Chancellor of Queen's University
Dr. Greg Donaghy. Ph.D.
Canadian Author
Dr. Trudy Eagan.
Canadian Philanthropist
Mr. Julian Fantino
OPP Commissioner
Mr. Robert Ghiz.
Premier. Prince Edward Island
Professor J. L. Granatstein. OC
Canadian Historian & Broadcaster
Dr. Anthonoy Guzman, MD.
Ottawa Neurologist
Dr. Wayne Hammond
High Commissioner
Mr. Rick Hanson. CC
Man In Motion.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
P.C., MP. Prime Minister of Canada
Mr. Paul Henderson. OC
Canadian Hockey Hero
Mrs. Raymond Hnatyshyn.
Wife of Governor General
Mr. Robert Knuckle.
Canadian Historian & Author
Mr. Mark Kosmos.
Canadian Football League
Ms. Blair Lancaster
Miss Canada 1974
Excellency Mr. Roméo Le Blanc
Governor General
Mr. Rod MacDonald.
Former Premier of Nova Scotia
Mr. John Manley
Deputy Prime Minister
His Honour
Judge René Marin
Ms. Claire Martin
CBC Meteorologist
Archbishop John Michael Miller
Archbishop of Vancouver, BC
Excellency Mr. Roland Michener
Governor General
Ms. Anne Murray. CC ONS
Canadian Singer
Dr. Helen Mussallem.
Ms. Season Osborne
Canadian Author
Mr. Geoffrey Pearson. OC
Canadian Dipomat & Author
Mr. Brian Porter
Canadian Historian & Author
RCMP Commissioner
R. W. Paulson
Mrs. Doreen Reidel.
Daughter of Supt. Henry Larsen
A Saint Spider-Man. Web Master.
& Crime Fighter
Mr. James W. Treliving.
Canadian Business Leader
Mr. Justin Trudeau.
Member of Parliament
Prime Minister
Pierre E. Trudeau
Warrant Group Meeting
RCMP 'HQ' Ottawa, ON
Chief Vern White
Chief of Police, Ottawa, ON
S/S/M James R. McFarland
Vets Ottawa, ON

Over the Miles

Over A Remarkable RCMP Career


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