True and Fascinating Canadian History

Hayne Russell

Cape Fullerton Memorials

Nunuvut, Canada

In Memory of

Reg.#4152, Constable Joseph Russell, Honour Roll #28


O.145, Inspector Murray Henry Hayne

(Read an explanation of RCMP Cpl. Mario Turcotte's photos below)


The old North West Mounted Police (NWMP) Detachment
has fallen apart due to the harsh northern climate


Upper Left: Cpl. Mario Turcotte and Cst. Patrice Rousseau salute the graves of:
O.145, Inspector Murray Henry Hayne,
and Reg.#4152, Constable Joseph Russell

Cape Fullerton Memorials

Dear Joe;

Please find attached some photographs of our recent trip of 18/08/2012 to Cape Fullerton and the grave sites of two of our members who lie there; Reg.#869, S/Sgt. [later Inspector] M. H. E. Hayne & Reg.#4152, Cst. J. Russell, Honour Roll #28.

S/Sgt. M. H. E. Hayne died in 1906 never knowing that he had been raised to the rank of Inspector many months earlier. Constable J. Russell, drowned in an inland lake in 1905 near Cape Fullerton, Hudson Bay.

In the far upper left photograph, in uniform at the grave sites, are Cpl. Mario Turcotte NCO i/c, Chesterfield Inlet Detachment [closest to the camera] and Cst. Patrice Rousseau also a member of Chesterfield Inlet Detachment.

The photos were taken by Lise DesRosiers (Cpl. Turcotte's common law wife)

Enjoy the photos and pick the ones that you want! Mario

Cpl. Mario Turcotte
NCO i/c
Chesterfield Inlet Detachment, NU
X0C 0B0
Tel. (867-898-0123
Fax (867-898-9235
August 27, 2012.


Cpl. Mario Turcotte NCO i/c (R)

and Cst. Patrice Rousseau (L) also a member of Chesterfield Inlet Detachment.


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