True and Fascinating Canadian History

In Memory of Reg.#9597, Constable William Robert Stephens,
and Reg.#7766, Victor Maisonneuve
Dundas Harbour. NU.

Estimated count of RCMP graves in Nunavut: 170

The following RCMP Members were killed on duty.
They are listed on the Honour Roll and they are buried in Nunavut.
(Listed by Reg.#)

Reg.S/9161, Andrew Ooyoumut. Honour Roll #227
Reg.#4152, Joseph Russell. Honour Roll #28
Reg.#10155, Albert Joseph Chartrand. Honour Roll #104

R. I. P.

In Memory of Reg.#10155, Constable Albert Joseph Chartrand.
Honour Roll #104
Pasley Bay. Thom River. Boothia Peninsula. NU

RCMP Crest

In Memory of S/9161, Special Consable Andrew Ooyoumut
Baker lake Cemetery, Baker Lake. NU.


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