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The 100th Anniversary of the Start of World War I

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Cadets salute the Honour Roll at 'Depot' Division, Regina, SK

Welcome to Canada's National RCMP Graves Inspection and Maintenance Information Website. Here is a home, a detachment of repose, a depot for deceased members of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP), the Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Members of the Force, RCMP Vets, family and friends sense an obligation to protect and care for the graves of deceased members.

The website consists of three main parts; the website itself, a database and a Blog. Each of these can be navigated by using the tabs to the left.


In Peace : Service
In War : Sacrifice

Distinct and unique within the police community, this website consists of over 400 web pages plus about 1900 blog entries which focus on Canadian history through stories and photographs of deceased members of the RCMP. Their contributions to the early settlement of Canada and the impact of their achievements can be traced back to Confederation days.

Hundreds of Canadian geographical landmarks are linked to the names of pioneer RCMP deceased members.

Two hundred and thirty four names are listed on the RCMP Honour Roll -- these members lost their lives in peace and in the line of duty. Over several years, all of these graves have been found, inspected and photographed. Priority now turns to the restoration of all these graves.

The website lists a catalog of Monuments which have been erected in various parts of Canada to commemorate RCMP members killed in the line of duty. The fact that a monument was built by a community of people for a deceased Canadian police officer speaks highly about the overall trust which Canadians have in the RCMP.

Several hundred members lost their lives in the North West Rebellion (1885), South Africa, WWI & WWII. Many members are buried in foreign lands, but many more were never recoverd. All their names are etched on War Memorials which stand in cemeteries all over the world.

Throughout 2014, special recollection will be given to the hundreds of Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) who lost their lives during World War I.

In the database, one will find hundreds of references to the Members who were called to WWI including their Canadian Expeditionary Force Attestation Papers, Military Records, photos of their graves and Monuments.

Over 11,000 gravesites across Canada and around the world have been photographed by RCMP Vets and volunteers and entered into the database. Hundreds of old, previously unknown, lost or forgotten gravesites have been found, clearly identified and entered into the database. The photo library has been described as the largest collection of its kind in Canada.

Thousands of obituaries of members can also be found in the database.

It is the hope of Vets that all members' graves will be found, noted, inspected and cared for and that common information about the career and life of each member of the Force will be acknowledged.

Freedom of Information

On the National RCMP Graves Inspection and Maintenance Information Website and Database over 62,000 names are provided. The last name, initials and Regimental Number of nearly every person who was ever a member of the NWMP, RNWMP or RCMP is provided as this information is a matter of public record. More details about the individual member are only filled in after the individual is deceased. No other information is provided for any living member unless that member has made a specific request to have information made available.

History on Parade

Many aspects of Canadian history are interwoven with the times of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and its predecessors the NWMP and the RNWMP. Contained within this website is a history rich in texture, recollections, photographs and deeds of the Force. The stories told here have their origin from the earliest birthdays of Canada and the formation of the Force in 1873 up to today. The history of Canada and the history of the RCMP run along parallel tracks.

The National RCMP Graves Inspection and Maintenance Information Website exists as a testament to deceased members of the Force, their legacy and contribution to Canada's history and especially their dedication and sacrifice towards the development and hope of a peaceful country.

Mission Statement

Veterans of the RCMP are dedicated to the responsibility of locating, inspecting and maintaining gravesites of deceased Members with the purpose of honouring and remembering these men and women who have dedicated their lives to the service of Canada and the Force.

'Maintain Our Memories' has been adopted as the motto of the website. It calls to mind both the official Motto of the RCMP which is; 'Maintiens Le Droit' and our need to remember. The motto pays homage to the Force, to the service of community performed by members and the lives sacrificed by many members killed on duty.


The goals of the National RCMP Graves Inspection and Maintenance Information Website are:

1. to create a thorough and accurate record of the burial locations of NWMP, RNWMP and RCMP deceased members,

2. to ensure that the graves of our deceased members are regularly inspected and maintained.

An Invitation

Vets, active Members, families and friends are invited to become involved in RCMP Graves Inspection and Maintenance activities. Much data has yet to be collected. Many volunteers are needed to aid the investigation of cemeteries, as well as to assume responsibility for inspections of gravesites as they are found. Input that contributes to this website is welcome. The involvement of many will make the work associated to this project possible.

I am honoured to be involved in the meaningful task of remembering and offering continued respect to our deceased RCMP Members.

The National RCMP Graves Inspection and Maintenance Information Website forms a rich learning experience in my life down the halls of Canadian history and a rewarding volunteer activity which keeps me close to friends in the Force.

Sources of Information

*No confidential or private information appears on this website. All database research on [] comes from public sources including; The Quarterly, Google, the Internet, Archives Canada, grave markers, cemetery records, university libraries, newspapers, books and Canadian magazines. Sources of information are noted in the database.

Site Status:

Web Site Refreshed: Every day
Database Refreshed: Every Week
Buffalo Blog Refreshed: 'Whenever news is grave or sooner'




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