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Depot Memorial

RCMP Memorial and Honour Roll

'Depot’ Division

‘Depot’ Division in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada is the Training Centre for the Force. It holds a special place in the heart of each RCMP member -- as the years go by every Graduate recalls special memories whether they be proud or pain.

In the centre of 'Depot' near the Parade Square is the Granite Memorial which lists all the RCMP members who have died on duty. Each September, a special parade and Chapel service is held at the RCMP Memorial to commemorate all members whose lives were unexpectedly lost. Family and friends of a deceased member revisit because of 'Depot's history and because their basic training was such a significant experience in the life of their loved one.

In addition, in every instance when any member (in training or otherwise) passes the Memorial, one never fails to salute to the Memorial. Cadets in training are taught the signifiance of this salute of respect - it is one more tradition which makes 'Depot' so memorable in the minds of all members.

In international terms, the RCMP remains a small police organization which allows for a member to know hundreds and hundreds of friends across the country. These friendships began in 'Depot'. Thus, it is most likely that every living member will have known a deceased member listed on the Memorial and the circumstances of the member's death.

Depot Memorial

Photo by 'E' Div. Vet Sheldon Boles. 2012


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