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New: September 28, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#20564 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Melvin D. Taylor died Sept 26, 2009 at Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Taylor served from 1958 to 1992 in 'K' Div.

New: September 27, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#15539 (Rtd) Sgt. Earl B. Kelsberg died Sept 22, 2009 at Qualicum Beach, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

    Sgt. Kelsberg served from 1948 to 1971 in 'K' Div. His father, Reg.#16311 Sgt. Peter Kelsberg also served in the BCPP and 'E' Div.

New: September 26, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17331 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Alexander Leith Metcalfe died Sept 23, 2009 at Arnprior, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Metcalfe served from 1951 to 1982 in 'D' 'G' 'D' & 'HQ'. He retired from Security Service.

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#29034 (Rtd) Cpl. James Gilbert Brewin of Courtenay, B.C. died on September 24, 2009.rcmp crestRIP

    Cpl. Brewin served from 1971 to 1996 in 'M' & 'E' Divs as Dog Master. His father, Reg.#13386 Sgt. A.F. Brewin had also served in the Force.rcmp crestRIP

    Reg.#13386 died on February 14, 2008 at age 94 years. He is buried at 'Depot' Div.

New: September 25, 2009

  • A Page from an Infant Force - the NWMP
  • Dear Joe,

    This is a picture of NWMP Reg.#2, S/M John Henry Bray in uniform while mounted on his greyhorse dated 1875.


    I know that Redcliff Detachment still has either the orginal or a copy of the photo hanging in their office...or at least they did the last time I was there a number of years ago. Sergeant-Major Bray was a fairly well known and respected member in the Medicine Hat area way back when.

    This copy of his photo is from the Medicine Hat Museum site. If one goes to the City of Medicine Hat website, you can link to "The Esplanade" and from there one can view many of the numerous photos they have in their collection...either under NWMP, RNWMP, RCMP, or simply police.

    S/M Bray and his family are buried in what is known as the"Old Hillside Cemetery" in Medicine Hat, AB.

    Photo Source: Medicine Hat Museum. http://www.esplanade.ca/museum/museum.html

    Yours truly,
    Vet. Maxwell Moritz

New: September 23, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17254 (Rtd) Sgt. Robert W. Antosik died Sept 20th, 2009 at Ottawa, ON.rcmp crestRIP

    Sgt. Antosik served in the Band about 1951 then promoted to Regular Member to 1969 + in 'A' 'N' & 'HQ'.

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18103 former Cst. Allan Scott Lewis died Sept 21, 2009 of cancer at White Rock, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. Scott served from 1953 to 1956 in 'E' Div, then purchased his discharge and went into Insurance sales.

New: September 22, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18881 / O.839 C/Supt. Gerald R. Crosse (Rtd) died Sept 20th, 2009 at Ottawa with lung cancer.rcmp crestRIP

    C/Supt. Crosse served from 1955 to 1989 in 'H' 'HQ' Depot 'F' & 'HQ' Divs.

New: September 20, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#13416 (Rtd) Sgt. Stanley A. Byer died Sept 19th, 2009 at Edmonton, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

    Sgt. Byer served from 1940 to 1965 in 'G' Div on the St Roch, then 'K' 'G' 'E' & 'A' Divs. He was Life member of Edmonton Div. Vets.

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#20643 (Rtd) S/Sgt William S. Shopa died Sept 19th, 2009 of bone cancer at Hinton, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Shopa served from 1958 to 1987 in 'G' 'N' 'HQ' & 'G' Divs.

New: September 18, 2009

  • Looking for Obituaries
  • Dear Joe;

    What a wonderful site, I find it very informative!

    Can you please tell me how I can get a copy of the obituaries? I see the information posted on the database line "Quarterly Obit Index". I have a close interest in two [deceased] members.

    Linda Shephard.

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your note...sorry for my delay but I was on a 'grave' photo shoot.

    I'm not sure if I'm answering your question correctly, but all the obituaries for the RCMP are found in the back section of 'The Quarterly'. The Quarterly began publication in 1933 and I have most copies but not all of them.

    If you tell me the names of the members you are looking for I might be able to help.

    Drop me a line for clarification...
    Yours truly,

New: September 17, 2009

  • Obituary for Reg.#14705 Sgt. Elmer Curtain
  • Thanks to Toronto Vet. Jack O'Reilly for sending us this obituary.

    Elmer Charles CURTAIN. B:April 10, 1924 - Passed away September 8, 2009 with his family by his side.rcmp crestRIP

    He is lovingly remembered by his three children; Bill (Elaine) Curtain of Edmonton, Randy (Cindy) Curtain of Penticton and Maureen (Terry) Breitkrevz of Penticton; six grandchildren, Michael, Mary, Michelle, Lindsay, Megan and Erika (Andrew); three great grandchildren, Matthew, MacKenzie, Rylan; two brothers, Mike and Bryan. Sadly predeceased by his wife Doreen in 2003.

    Celebration of Elmer's life will be held on Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. from the Penticton Funeral Chapel, 501 Winnipeg Street, Penticton with Reverend Ralph Spencer presiding.

    Interment will take place at the R.C.M.P. Cemetery in Regina, SK. If friends so desire donations may be made directly to the Kidney Foundation of Canada in Elmer's memory. Condolences may be directed to the family in care of Penticton Funeral Chapel at providencefuneralhomes.com.

    Sgt. Curtain's wife is also buried in 'Depot'.

New: September 16, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#23469 (Rtd) Sgt. Lyle Norman "Rocky" Rockwell died Sept 15th, 2009 at Kelowna, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

    Sgt. Rockwell served from 1964 to 1990 in 'D' & 'E' Divs.

New: September 15, 2009

  • Reg.#44029, Kai-Uwe Alexander Hildebrant
    Died on Duty - Vancouver, BC - July 4, 2002.rcmp crestRIP

  • Dear Mr. Healy;

    In case anyone is looking for us, please note that Kai's dad was Uwe Hildebrant and we presently live in St. Thomas, ON.

    Kai lived in London, ON and he was born in Hamilton, ON.

    This is just in case someone is looking for him.

    Yours truly,
    Mrs Helga Hildebrant
    E-Mail: uwehelga@rogers.com

New: September 14, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#13808 (Rtd) Sgt. Vasily Gregory "Bill" Paskaruk died Sept 13, 2009 at Newmarket, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

    Sgt. Paskaruk served from 1940 to 1965 in 'O' & 'D' Divs retiring from Security Service, Winnipeg. Interment will take place at Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa.

New: September 12, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18133 former Cst. Donald A. King died Sept 11th, 2009 at Kingston, Ont.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. King served from 1953 to 1960 in the Band at 'HQ' and 'N' Div.

    Cremation with interment will be in the Cherry Valley Cemetery, Cherry Valley, Ontario.

New: September 9, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#42138 Cst. A. Scott Bradley died Sept 7, 2009 of cancer at Nanaimo, B.C.

    He served from 1990 in 'E' and was posted to Nanaimo Det at time of his death.rcmp crestRIP

New: September 8, 2009

  • Reg.#3264 W.Shuckburgh and Reg.#2985 J.P.Shuckburgh
  • This note was received from Edmonton Vet. Joe Collinson:

    When I was searching for headstone's in the Stettler, AB area, I talked to Wm. Shuckburgh's grandson and got the following information as well as leads for some photos, etc. dating to the Shuckburgh's time in the Force.

    Note the following changes to database:

    Reg.#3264 William Shuckburgh was cremated and his ashes were scattered over his homestead near Stettler. He was not buried.rcmp crestRIP

    Reg.#2985 James Piggott Shuckburgh, (William's brother), left the Force and enlisted in the Rhodesian Regiment (Trooper #297) during the Boer War. He was wounded near Mafeking, South Africa on the March 31, 1900 and he died of his wounds on the April 12, 1900.rcmp crestRIP

New: September 5, 2009

  • In Memory of Reg.#16106 Gary Boyd Blake
  • Reg16106Blake2

    Over recent years, hundreds of family members have written in to tell us the location of a deceased member's grave. This information is vital to ongoing research and our Graves Program, but more importantly it brings to the family's mind and to ours fond thoughts of a loved one.


    Mr. Ron Blake recently sent in a photo of his Dad's grave. He says: "Dad's grave site is located in Paul's Cemetary on Tramore Road in Deacon, Ontario. It overlooks the Bonnechere River by Golden Lake. The Cemetery is mantained by the Deacon Gospel Church."

    Reg.#16106 S/Sgt. Blake joined the Force on May 22, 1950. His early career was spent in 'E' Div. then he transferred into Security Service where he spent the remainder of his career. He retired on April 2, 1978.

    S/Sgt. Blake died in 2009.rcmp crestRIP

    We sincerely thank Mr. Ron Blake for these photos.

    'Maintain Our Memories'

  • 'Buffalo Joe' to lead exploration
  • I'll be out of town on a photo shoot of grave sites for a week or so.

    One recalls the words of US General McArthur who reportedly said: 'I shall return'!

New: September 4, 2009

  • In Memory of Reg.#11640, Henry George Lowes
  • Reg11640Lowes

    Edmonton Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson recently solved another mystery which involved Reg.#11640.

    It seems that the confusion arose because our Henry Lowes was identified as 'Harry' Lowes in the press obituary. Vet Collinson says: "I spent considerable time looking for Henry George Lowes but finally found him as 'Harry' George Lowes.


    Vet. Jack White says that Henry George Lowes was born about 1902. He served honourably overseas in WWI. He joined the Force on June 1, 1932 when the APP was absorbed into the RCMP. is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. in Edmonton, AB.

    At the time of his death on February 10, 1962, Henry Lowes was the sitting Magistrate in Vegreville, AB.rcmp crestRIP

    Thanks to Joe Collinson, we can now say: Welcome back Henry!

New: September 3, 2009

  • Honour Roll #9: Reg.#635, David L. Cowan, NWMP
  • Over the past week or so, I have been corresponding with Cst. Cowan's great, great nephew Mr. William David Cowan.


    In his most recent note, Mr. Cowan presents us with another artifact (knife) with its history grounded in the days of the NWMP.

    Speaking of the knife, Mr. Cowan searches for an answer: "...I have another item of interest. The knife in the photo was in the box containing David Latimer Cowan’s things. It is stamped 'Association 1879'. I wonder if this could have been a knife issued to Mounties of the time?"

    If anyone is able to add more body to the sketchy details already known about this knife, please send a smoke signal.

New: September 2, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#22230 (Rtd) S/Sgt. J.L.S.Jean DubreilL died July 27, 2009 at Longueil, Quebec.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Dubreill served from 1961 to 1990 in 'J' 'C' Divs.

New: September 1, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#20527 former 2/Cst. Joseph Stephen Slaney died May 12, 2009 in Costa Rica.rcmp crestRIP

    2/Cst. Slaney served from 1958 to 1960 in 'A' & 'F' Divs.

New: August 31, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17855 (Rtd) Sgt. Thomas Stanley Bennett died Aug 30, 2009 at Peterborough, ON.rcmp crestRIP

    Sgt. Bennett served from 1952 to 1973 in 'B' 'HQ' & 'O' Divs. He was a Life Member of the Toronto Div. Vets.

New: August 30, 2009

  • Honour Roll #9: Reg.#635, David L. Cowan, NWMP
  • Cst. D. L. Cowan joined the NWMP on April 4, 1882. His career was short lived as he was killed while on scouting patrols at Frog Lake, SK on April 15, 1885 during the Riel Rebellion. Reg635Cowan

    In recent days, I have been corresponding with Cst. Cowan's great, great nephew Mr. William David Cowan. In one of his notes, Mr. Cowan said that he was in possession of an artifact of NWMP cloth which belonged to Cst. Cowan but it cannot be identified. From the photo, does the material cloth not look like a piece of yellow piping for breeches?

    Mr. Cowan said: "Joe, I have no idea what this band of fabric represents (could you help me identify?). It must have been important because it was mailed to David's father after his death and had what I assume was a government seal on the envelope (red material in photo)."

    Does anyone recognize or know the significance of this piece of cloth and for what reasons would the government send it to the Cowan family after Cst. Cowan's death?

New: August 29, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17765 (Rtd) Sgt. J. Frank Jory died Aug 28, 2009 at Woodstock, N.B.rcmp crestRIP

    Sgt. Jory served from 1952 to 1985 in 'J' Div. and he was a Life Member of N.B. Div Vets.

New: August 28, 2009

  • The NWMP: Person Unknown
  • This photo of William Pott's grave was taken by Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson. William Potts died on December 26, 1886 and his grave lies in Fort MacLeod among many deceased members of the NWMP.rcmp crestRIP Potts

    It seems that William Potts was not a member of the NWMP as our records unfortunately do not hold his name. Might he have been a relative of Scout Jerry Potts?

    In spite of the lack of identification of William Potts, he fully deserves the benefit of our respect. Due to the location of Mr. Pott's grave site at Fort MacLeod, it's fair to say that he was likely an employee of and close to our infant Force -- the North West Mounted Police.

    Research to accurately identify Mr. Potts continues.

New: August 27, 2009

  • The NWMP: 'Absent in body, but present in spirit' (1)
  • In the quest to find and identify the grave sites of former members (especially the NWMP), one comes upon a multitude of challenges; stones partially covered by dirt, graves with no identification, stones damaged or broken, faded markings on the stone or incorrect data on the stone which leaves one mystified.

    Many, many Vets have expressed their frustrations of conducting this type of field research and the pain they experience to ensure burial place records are accurate for the benefit of future generations. Standoff

    This photo of Standoff Cemetery, Alberta was sent in by Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson. It presents an example of grave markers with little or no helpful data.

    Joe also has met some trials as he searched throughout Alberta for the graves sites of forgotten NWMP. Joe says: ..."this [Standoff] is an active cemetery on the Blood Indian Reserve and it, supposedly, has graves dating back to the late 1800's. We were not able to find any earlier than 1955 but there are a number of very recent ones. There are a lot of unmarked graves and the crosses and markers illustrated in this photo have few legible markings."

    We ought not be discouraged by these setbacks. Instead, I thank all Vets for their patience and for their ingenious methods of research and for their support of the RCMP Graves and Location Program.

    Source (1): 1 Corinthians 5:3

New: August 26, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.# M/88 former Marine Cst. William Frederick Foster died Aug 24, 2009, Summerside, PEI.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. Foster served from 1957 to 1961 in Marine Services.

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#15056 (Rtd) S/Sgt Sylvio Biscaro died Aug 15th, 2009 at Montreal, Que.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Biscaro served from 1947 to 1968 in 'C' 'HQ' & 'C' Divs. He was a Life Member of the Montreal Div Vets.

New: August 25, 2009

  • Reg.#12572 Cst. Peter Seddon Oliver - RCMP Honour Roll #72

    Dear Joe:

    I want to offer my 'thank you' for the nice piece about Peter Seddon Oliver that you placed in the 'What's New At RCMP Graves' section of the website dated August 16, 2009.

    The Clark and Oliver side of the family were alerted of your good work and the feedback was excellent.

    While enjoying a busy summer when I next get to Ottawa I will contact you for a coffee or lunch on me!

    Yours truly,
    Mr. Peter Clark

New: August 24, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#35847 former Cst. Angus Gerrard Buote died (today) Aug 24th, 2009 at Summerside, PEI.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. Buote served from 1980 to 1993 in ‘K’ Div when he was discharged with disability from a back injury suffered in 1989 during an arrest of a drunken driver.

New: August 23, 2009

  • In Memory Reg.#32394, Cst. Joanne Horn
  • Troop 36 1974 & 1975 was the second Troop of women to join the RCMP. Historically, it was momentous event for the Force because only one other class of women had previously attended the RCMP Academy in Regina, SK. Troop36

    Truly, and I include myself, the RCMP was not accustomed to women in policing and in many aspects the Force had not fully prepared itself to care for and address the interests of women. For that single reason, the women in Troop 36 have just cause to be proud.

    The Troop had an extraordinary spirit along with a sprinkling of devilry. They worked extremely hard as they proceeded through the program and little did they complain. Their friendships have strengthened over time. I have always been proud of them! Reg32394Horn

    Down through the years, Troop 36 lost one of their friends. Cst. Joanne Horn was medically discharged from the Force in 1979 as the result of a car accident. She died at Chilliwack, BC on April 22, 2005. Joanne was fifty years of age. She has been missed.rcmp crestRIP

    Soon, Troop 36 will celebrate 35 years of Graduation Day. Looking back, their fun-spirited days at 'Depot' seem too brief.

    My life was made more rich for their friendship. Thank you!

New: August 22, 2009

  • A Page from an Infant Force - the NWMP
  • Sub/Constable Reg.#166, George Anderton joined the NWMP on July 19, 1876. He took an early interest in the art of photography at a time when it was considered newfangled.

    RCMP Vet. & Historian Jack White tells us that during Anderton's short career, many of the early photographs of the Force which exist today were taken by Anderton. Reg166Anderton As one example, White points to the well known photo entitled "Sitting Bull" which was taken by Anderton at Fort Walsh.

    Anderton left the Force on July 7, 1879 and in the same year, he set up his first photo shop in in Medicine Hat, North West Territories. Years later, he moved to Fort MacLeod.

    As time went on, Anderton continued with his photography -- he was nick-named the "face puller" by the Indians for his photography.

    Sub/Cst. Anderton died in 1913. Some of the markings on his grave (right) have been washed away by weather. The photo was taken by Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson and the stone sits on Anderton's final resting place at Fort Macleod, AB.rcmp crestRIP

    Is it possible that Sub/Cst. Anderton was our original 'Forensic Scenes of Crime Photographer?

    My thanks go out to Vet. Jack White for providing me with access to his research materials. I also thank Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson for contributing hundreds of photos to our RCMP Grave Location and Maintenance Program. Bravo!

New: August 21, 2009

  • In Memory of RCMP S/99, S/Cst. Sidney Alexander MacAulay
  • S/Cst. MacAulay was born in Cape Breton, NS on August 2, 1921. He joined the Force on October 27, 1942 and served in Marine Division attached to 'H' Div. until June 6, 1945. RegS99MacAulay

    S/Cst. MacAulay was awarded the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (CVSM). The Medal was accepted posthumously by his wife at the same ceremony that their son Reg.#38610, S/Sgt. Murray MacAulay of Surrey Detachment was awarded his RCMP 20 year Long Service Medal.

    According to his family, S/Cst. MacAulay never forget his days or his friends in the Force. He always said that he was the most proud when he was associated to the RCMP. "...Dad was very proud of his RCMP service and it left a big impression on the family leading me to make it [RCMP] my career choice" recalls son, Murray MacAulay.

    S/Cst. MacAulay died in Cambridge, Ontario on November 19, 2003. He is buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Cambridge.rcmp crestRIP

  • RCMP Vet Appreciation
  • This website's success is dependent to a large degree on research and help from RCMP Vets and many, many Friends of the Force.

    It's not intended that anyone be overlooked because every bit of support is appreciative. But, certain Vets toss me something for the website nearly every day. These Vets include: Jack O'Reilly, Jack White, Wayne Barry, Bernie Gagnon, AJH 'Joe' Collinson, Dave Holmes and Friend of the Force Reg Keatly in Calgary.

    In short, I am deeply appreciative to all Vets and friends. Thank you!

New: August 20, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#21781 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Lyle Gerard Foster died Aug 18th, 2009 at Delta, BC.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Foster served from 1961 to 1996 in ‘F’ ‘E’& ‘HQ’. He was also L.O. (Liaison Officer) to Columbia & Peru.

  • Tour of RCMP's National Memorial Cemetery, Ottawa, ON
  • The RCMP Graves Location and Maintenance Program website will be featured by writer Ms Laura Thompson in this fall's edition of the RCMP's Staff Relations publication Frontline. Reg01498Healy

    Recently, Ms Thompson asked me to be her guide through the RCMP Memorial Cemetery. Unknown to Ms Thompson the date of our meeting, August 20, 2009 was in fact my 45th Anniversary of joining the Force. I was pleased to be in uniform and to act as her escort on this particular date.

    In the photo (right), I stand beside the Memorial dedicated to NWMP member Reg.#335 Cst. Marmaduke Grayburn who was the first member of the Force to be murdered. He was killed at age 19 on November 17, 1879.rcmp crestRIP

  • Web Curious?
  • Planning and research into this RCMP Vets Grave Inspection and Maintenance Program website began about 8-10 years ago. The idea for the website was greatly accepted and a lot of help and coordination was assembled among various Vet Associations across Canada.

    The database was redesigned several time and wrinkles were ironed out. New names of deceased vets were constantly being added to the database as it was being updated off line. Finally, the actual website including the database went live over two years ago.

    Each day this website averages between 70 to 100 hits or more. Last night, the website was accessed by 166 towns and cities across Canada. Other hits to this site originated from 22 other countries around the world!

    Thanks to all supporters of the RCMP Vets Graves Location and Maintenance Program website!

New: August 19, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17188 (Rtd) Cpl. Donald George Vogan died Aug 15, 2009 at Edmonton, AB.rcmp crestRIP

    Cpl. Vogan served from 1951 to 1974 in ‘K’ Div. He was a member of the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame.

New: August 18, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#40951 (Rtd) Cst. Klaus W. Lindegger died Aug 16th, 2009 at Edmonton, AB.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. Lindegger served from 1981 to 1989 as a S/Cst. then as Cst. to 2004 in 'K' Div.

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#C/2576 & S/480 & 41667 (Rtd) Cst. Ian 'Al' MacWatters died August 15, 2009 at Kamloops, B.C. following a two year battle with cancer.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. MacWatters served from 1975 to 1990 as C/M & S/Cst, then from 1990 to 1998 as Cst. in ‘E’ Div.

New: August 17, 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#21602 (Rtd) S/Sgt. John H. Hossfeld died Aug 11th, 2009 in a single vehicle roll over accident near The Pas, Man.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Hossfeld served from 1960 to 1983 in ‘D’ ‘HQ’ & ‘D’ Divs.

New: August 16, 2009

  • Reg.#12572 Cst. Peter Seddon Oliver - RCMP Honour Roll #72

    Dear Joe; Reg12592Oliver

    I am the nephew of the late Peter Seddon Oliver who lost his life in the Dieppe raid, August 19, 1942.rcmp crestRIP

    I have sent you a coloured photo of Peter Oliver in his RCMP tunic, circa 1935 or 1936.

    I have also enclosed a photo of the portrait of Peter and background done by Kathleen Mann in England in 1940. Reg12592Oliver

    His portrait hung in the London National Gallery until his death at Dieppe in August 1942 when it was returned to my grandmother Oliver in Quebec City.

    Yours truly,
    Peter Clark

New: August 15, 2009

  • Fresh tracks on Reg.#O.12, Supt. A. Shurtliffe (AKA: Shurtleff)
  • Hi Jack (White) and Joe,

    Wayne Barry of Toronto Div. Vets came across a much clearer obit for NWMP O.12 Supt. Albert Shurtleff than the one listed in his service file on pages 44 & 45 of the NWMP Personnel Records.

    It shows he died Oct 29, 1885 in Colorado Springs and his remains were returned to Coaticook, Quebec for burial in Mount Forest Cemetery. The records for this cemetery have been transcribed for the benefit of the general public.

    We now know that his grave is in Mount Forest Cemetery, Coaticook, Stanstead County, Quebec. The transcription shows his name spelled SHURTLEFF and there are 18 SHURTLEFF's buried in the cemetery.

    The following is from the transcription but a plot or section number is not provided:

    Shurtleff, Major A., d. 29 Oct 1885, age: 44y 4m 8d

    Regards - Jack O'Reilly

    Our thanks go out to Wayne Barry and Jack O'Reilly for this new research. Thanks also to Vet. Jack White. From his notes we learn that Reg. #O.12 Shurtleff joined the NWMP on November 4, 1873 and he was in A Div of the March West. Later, he was posted to 'K' where he established Pincher Creek Detachment and a horse farm.

    Jack White also tells us that on September 22, 1877, Supt. Shurtleff was a witness to Treaty # 7 (Blackfeet) along with several other Officers including O.30 Irvine, O.5 Winder, O.10 Crozier, O.9 Clark, O.25 Denny, O.36 Antrobus and o342 Norman.

    Some years later, Supt. Shurtleff fell ill and he died while wintering in Colorado.rcmp crestRIP

    Thereafter, his body was returned to Canada for burial. Now, the location of his final resting place has been discovered.

New: August 14, 2009

  • Vet of the Month - July, 2009
  • Hi Joe,

    Thank you very much for making my great grandfather James Colvin Vet of the Month. I feel very honoured.

    Jim Morrison

New: August 13, 2009

  • A Page from an Infant Force - the NWMP
  • Reg.#82, Cst. Edward Fearon was born about 1858. He engaged in the NWMP on June 17, 1878 and he was one of the original members of the NWMP.

    Cst. Fearon remained with the Force until July 31, 1880 when he was discharged at Fort Walsh upon his own request.

    Later, he served with Colonel Otter's Scouts during the North West Rebellion from April 18 to June 19, 1885.

    In 1894, Fearon ran for public office and was a Member of the North West Territories Legislative Assembly during 1894.

    Cst. Fearon died on November 3, 1934 and he is buried in Maple Creek, SK.rcmp crestRIP

    This is a page from An Infant Force -- the NWMP

    Source: National Archives Canada - Personnel Records, 1873 to 1904

  • In Memory of Reg.# 19563 R. J. 'Bobby' Hull
  • Reg.#19563, Robert James Hull joined the RCMP on July 11, 1956. After 'Depot' training, he served policing in 'E' Div. and then he returned to 'Depot' Div. as a Drill Instructor. Reg19563Hull2

    After his tour at 'Depot' he returned to 'E' Div. and he retired as a S/Sgt. with twenty five years service. He was one of the 'founding fathers' of ERT in the Vancouver area.

    After retirement, S/Sgt. Hull was employed for seventeen years as the Director of the Police Academy Justice Institute in BC.

    It is widely known that S/Sgt. Hull was a police officer of excellence. He also had an incredible sense of humour and quick wit combined with a huge heart filled with compassion.

    S/Sgt. Hull died in Vancouver on December 26, 2006.rcmp crestRIP

New: August 12, 2009

    In Memory of Reg.#25235 Kenneth Glen Alford

    Dear Joe;

    I attended the annual Oakville Manitoba Memorial Cemetery Service on Sunday and I found this stone. Reg25235

    I did not know Ken was buried here. His grandfather was our doctor in Oakville, MB for many years. Ken has a brother, an uncle and cousins still lining here. In fact, one of Ken's cousins is also in my family tree.

    Vet. Jack White reports that Sgt. K.G. Alford was born in Oakville, MB on June 22, 1947. He joined the Force on November 2, 1966 and he retired from Kamloops City Detachment on September 23, 1998. He apparently died of a heart attack on the golf course.

    Located in Oakville, Manitoba Cemetery is NW33-11-4W 1 1/4 miles north of Trans Canada Highway at junction of Highway #13. Ken's grave is in the first row adjacent to the road.

    Yours truly,
    Edna Craig, Friend of the Force

  • Bench of Repose Donated to 'Depot' Div.
  • 'G' Troop 64/65 began training in mid-August 1964 and our Troop gathered again at 'Depot' in 2004 to enjoy our friendship while celebrating our 45th year Reunion. It was a memorable weekend!

    Over the Reunion weekend, it was proposed that our Troop donate a Bench to 'Depot'. The bench would allow visitors a place of repose. As well, Vets could sit and reflect upon the historical meaning of 'Depot' to the RCMP and the life-long friendships which grow and nature within every Troop. 'G'TroopBench

    The 'bench' idea was accepted by 'G' Troop with enthusiam. Then, Reg.#23677, Reg Alspach accepted to design the bench, to find a company to make it as well as to have it delivered safely into the hands of the CO 'Depot'. All these goals were successful and now our bench sits near the Chapel.

    In the photo (sitting right) and enjoying our bench in the Saskatchewan sun is Troopmate Reg.#23698 J. P. A. (Art) Matte.

    'G' Troop thanks Reg Alspach for all his work and administration which was required to have the bench made in BC and to have it shipped and placed at 'Depot'.

    Especially today, 'G' Troop 64/65 reflects on our Troopmate, Reg.#23689 W.G. Wellman who has suffered a stoke and who convalesces in hospital.

    "Camaraderie Forever".
    JJH, Reg.#23685

New: August 11 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#34089 (Rtd) Cpl. Lorne Westover died Aug 6th, 2009 at Edson, Ab. when attending funeral of his brother.rcmp crestRIP

    Cpl. Westover served from 1977 to 2006 in ‘M’ & ‘K’ Divs and retired from Lethbridge.

New: August 10, 2009

  • Vet. Francis Scotti - 'Is Well Above Ground'
  • Reg.#18723 Frank Scotti (on right in photo) joined the Force in 1954. After 'Depot', his early career was spent patrolling the broad reaches of the Artic with his dog team. Reg18723

    Later, his career took him to downtown 'E' Div. and during the late 1960's, he was my Shift Commander in (Haney Detachment) now Maple Ridge, BC. In those days, Haney Detachment's strength was 19 members.

    Junior members were always comforted when Frank was on duty especially if extra hands were required to settle an unruly prisioner in the cell block. Frank's vice grip applied to a finger of the 'client' would quickly settle the tone of the purified-spirited prisioner and calm would be restored!

    Frank retired from Chilliwack Sub/Div. about 1980 and he recently came to Ottawa to visit our home for an evening. It had been 39 years since we had seen each other!

    One of Frank's post career passions is boating the rivers and lakes of southern Ontario. Speaking of his experiences cutting the waves, Frank said:"...I bought a boat but my wife Jean remains the Captain."!

    It was memorable for me to share dinner and memories with my 'ole' friend.

New: August 9 2009

  • In Memory of Reg.#13839 C. A. Cawsey
  • Robert Allan Cawsey was born on November 11, 1922 and he joined the RCMP in 1941. A year later, Cawsey enlisted with the Calgary Tanks and went on to serve in Sicily and the Italian Campaign during WWII. Reg13839

    In 1951, Cawsey graduated with an LLB from the University of Alberta. He practiced law in Wetaskiwin, AB until 1974 when he was appointed to the Provincial Court of Alberta.

    In 1976, he became the first Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta. In 1979, he was appointed a Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench, a position from which he retired from in 1997.

    Mr. Justice Cawsey is fondly remembered for his bravery during WWII as well as the battles which he fought during his distinguished legal career.

    Reg.# 13839, Mr. Justice Cawsey died on March 3, 2004.rcmp crestRIP

New: August 8 2009

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  • Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#28873 / O.2577 Insp. Peter D. Marsh died Aug. 8th, 2009 in greater Vancouver, B.C. following a lengthy illness of the liver.rcmp crestRIP

    Inspector Marsh served from 1971 in ‘E’ Div and was with the Vancouver Drug Section at time of his death.

    His brother, 30708 S/Sgt K.I. Marsh, also served in ‘E’ Div. from 1973 to 1999.

  • In Memory of Reg.#15367 S/M, R. H. Thompson
  • S/M Thompson joined the Force on January 9, 1948. He served in 'Depot' and 'K' Div. and in 1984 the Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Association named him "Sportsman of the Year". Reg15367

    S/M Thompson retired on January 8, 1973 and he died on January 12, 2002. He is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery at Sherwood Park, ABrcmp crestRIP

    I appreciate being given permission to access the historical data researched by Vet. Jack White.

    This photo of S/M Thompson's grave was sent in by 'K' Div. Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson and I also thank him for his ongoing support.

New: August 7 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#34377 former Cst. Paula Maria Hanrahan nee Parsons died July 23rd, 2009 at Bridgewater, N.S.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. Hanrahan served from 1977 to 1979 in ‘B’ Div.

New: August 6 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#13041 (Rtd) S/Sgt Donald St. Clair Davis died Aug 3rd, 2009 at Halifax, N.S.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Davis served from 1939 to 1967 in ‘L’ ‘B’ & ‘H’ Divs. He was life member of the N.S. Vets.

    His son, Reg.#25820 Insp. D.J. Davis, also served from 1967 to 2002.

New: August 4 2009

  • In Memory of Reg.#12640 S/Sgt. E. C. Parker
  • S/Sgt. Parker was born on June 4, 1914 and he joined the Force on June 26, 1935. He left the Force to serve in WWII so he joined the RCAF from 1940 to 1945. Reg12640

    S/Sgt. Parker retired on January 1, 1963 and he became a Life Member with the 'K' Div. Vets. He died in Edmonton, AB on February 6, 2001 and he is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery at Sherwood Park, ABrcmp crestRIP

    This photo was sent in by 'K' Div. Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson and I thank him for his ongoing support. I acknowledge and thank Jack White for allowing me access to his wonderful collection of historical research.

    New: August 3 2009

  • Fort Healy - Temporarily Closed
  • FortHealy

    Far, far north of the American border in the thick forests of the Ottawa Valley is found Fort Healy.

    In today's age, it's rare for a Detachment to close, but permission was received so that the single member posted to Fort Healy could patrol the far Arctic perimeters of the Fort's policing frontiers.

    More grave news will be forthcoming from the Fort's website in about one week. JJH

    New: August 2 2009

  • In Memory of NWMP Reg.#9192 Clifford Alexander Gair
  • Reg.#9192 Sgt. Clifford Alexander Gair was born on October 4th, 1900. He joined the NWMP on February 21, 1920 but between the years 1922 to 1932 he left to join the Alberta Provincial Police (APP). Reg9192Gair

    In 1937, Gair was a member of the RCMP's Coronation Contingent to England for King George VI and upon his return to Canada accepted the job of Superintendent-In-Charge of Alberta's Highway Patrol.

    Reg.#9192 Sgt. Gair died on January 17, 1982.rcmp crestRIP

    This photo of his final resting place was sent in by his second cousin Ms. Edna Craig. Sgt. Gair is buried in Portage la Prairie, MB.

  • Recalling 'Depot's Grave Digging Detail' 1958
  • Hi again Joe;

    I was reading your website and checked out 'Buffalo Joe's Corner'. Your story about digging the grave in 1964 was very familiar to me too.

    I joined the Force on September 22, 1958 and I arrived at 'Depot' two days later.

    Before being squaded, and while waiting for the rest of "F" troop to arrive, four of us were assigned to dig the winter supply of graves, three to be exact! DepotCemetery1958

    I don't recall just how long it took us, a few days I suppose.

    Anyway, I too was curious about who may have been placed in the graves so in October 2008 when fabulous "F" troop had our fifty years reunion, my wife and I toured the Cemetary to check out those three graves.

    It wasn't too hard to figure out the graves since the three dates of death on the stones were all side by side and the first three after September 24th 1958. I also took a photo (attached).

    Dee Jessiman came off the Ride while we were still taking equitation training and began his training as a Riding Instructor. Yes, a very colorful guy!

    Rod Macdonald
    'F' Troop 1958

New: August 1 2009

  • In Memory of Reg.#2353 Insp. K. F. Anderson
  • This photo of Reg. #2353 Anderson's grave was sent in by Edmonton Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson. Joe states that "This chap [Anderson] had an outstanding career and did the Force proud. He later lived and died in absolute poverty." Reg2353Anderson

    Vet. Jack White provides the following details about the life of Insp. Anderson. He was born sometime in May, 1865 in Iceland and his birth name was Kristjan Fjeldsted. Upon arriving in Canada, he took his father's name 'Andresson' but changed it to Anderson.

    Anderson joined the Force on August 19, 1889. Jack White notes the following story as one of the many feats attributed to Insp. Anderson -- "...between December 19, 1898 and January 18, 1899, Anderson travelled from Fort Saskatchewan to Peace River with two dog teams via the Athabasca Landing and Lesser Slve Lake. He was trasnporting the mail and the return trip was over 800 miles"!

    In 1901, Inspector Anderson was also awarded a Commendation after transporting two prisoners a great distance by river and trail to Fort Saskatchewan.

    Inspector Anderson served in 'Depot','F', 'K' & 'F' Div. He retired from the Force on January 1, 1921 and he died at age 82 on January 8, 1949.rcmp crestRIP

    Inspector Anderson is buried in Jasper National Park Cemetery.

    I want to express my appreciation to Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson for the photo of Inspector Anderson's final resting place and I also thank Vet. Jack White for allowing me access to his wonderful historical collection. Thank you again! JJH

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#27837 former Cst. Donald Murray McKaig died July 27th, 2009 of cancer at Lethbridge, AB.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. McKaig served from 1970 to 1972 in ‘K’ Div. Two brothers also served; Reg.#25239 Cst. Terry McKaig from 1966 to 1969 in ‘E’ and Reg.#25485 Cst. Philip McKaig from 1967 to 1975 in ‘E’.

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#22230 (Rtd) S/Sgt J.L.S. Jean Dubreuil died July 28th, 2009 of cancer at Longueil, Que.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Dubreuil served from 1961 to 1996 in ‘J’ & ‘C’ Divs. He was married to Reg. # 32710 (Rtd) Cpl. Carol Blackhurst.

New: July 31 2009

  • Greetings - Honourary RCMP Deputy Commissioner
    His Royal Highness Prince Edward

  • This note was received today from His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Honourary Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP. Prince Edward

    While on a visit to Canada about two years ago, Prince Edward accepted an invitation to be the Guest of Honour at the Senior NCO's Annual Mess Dinner which was held in the Hall of Honour in the Centre Block of the House of Commons.

    At that time, Prince Edward graciously accepted the title of Honourary RCMP Deputy Commissioner. After the dinner, the Prince recalled the honour which the RCMP has given to Canada over many, many years. He showed a wonderful sense of humour and he was very quick-witted when he noted that the role of Honourary Commissioner had already been taken by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II!

    Prince Edward has demonstrated that he is a loyal member of the Force.

New: July 30 2009

  • In Memory of Reg.#10982 L.R. Dubuc
    & Reg.#11169 G. B. Swaney
  • RCMP 'Air' Services

    Good day Joe,

    I noticed the memorial posting on the your 'What's New' webpage regarding L.R. Dubuc. You can also note that Dubuc was an original member and pilot of the RCMP Air Services founded on April 1, 1937.

    According to the book, "RCMP 'Air' Division 1937-1973" his Regimental Number is noted as #10482 (twice) so I think there is a mix-up. Reg10982

    I have attached a picture of the original pilots of the Air Services in which Cst. Dubuc is third from the right: 1937 - deHavilland DH.90 Drangonfly at Downsview, Ontario (deHavilland's factory location).

    From left to right: Sgt. R.H. Barker, S/Sgt. T.R. Michelson, Cst. G.F. Hart, Cst. W. Munroe (Engineer), Supt. Mercer (with cane) C.O. "O" Division, Cst. M.P. Fraser, Cst. L Dubuc, Cst. P.J. Grant (Engineer), and Cst. W.E. Barnes.

    Also, G.B. Swaney, (Reg.#11169) a former original Air Services engineer lost his life in Trans-Atlantic Ferry work while flying for the RCAF on leave of absence from the Force, in accordance with Privy Council Order 3539 of July 31, 1940.

    Gayle Burton Swaney was born at Germantown, Ohio, in 1907. He joined the RCMP in 1931, and enlisted with Ferry Command ten years later. He was married at Kingston, Ontario, in June 1945 and went missing the next month.rcmp crestRIP

    Swaney was part of a special crew assembled to fly a Liberator load of VIPs from Dorval to Northolt(?). His passengers were mostly diplomats returning from the San Francisco Conference which founded the United Nations. They set out on the evening of July 3, 1945, but radio contact was lost early the next morning. It was Swaney's 190th transatlantic flight!

    Your 'What's New' web page is actually my Home Page...keep up the great work!

    Kindest regards,
    Bernard Filiatrault
    Son of Reg.#18663

    Note: Dear Bernard, thank you for this contribution! Our research reveals that the correct Reg.# for L. R. Dubuc is #10982 as this was the series of numbers being allocated to members in the year that Dubuc joined -- 1931.

    Yours truly, JJH

New: July 29 2009

Restoration and Memorial to Dawson City Police Cemetery

Dear Joe:

Attached is one of the slides that depict the (1964) gravesites at Dawson City in the Yukon Territory.

Years ago, I investigated a hit and run accident and the magistrate sentenced the accused to two months to be served in Dawson City. What do you do with a trusty prisoner for two months? Although we had a guard for him at night, I had to guard him during the day and I decided I wasn't going to sit outside his cell in the basement -- so we spent the whole two months refurbishing the grave site. DawsonCity

The owner of the hardware store a Mr. Cailey donated the lumber, paint and fencing, and Henry Henry and I worked for the whole two months. We had a Chevy station wagon for one of the police cars and I put a canvas in the back. We then went to nearby creeks and hauled different coloured gravel for the walkways. We put black gravel for over the graves, white grave around each grave and red gravel for the entrance walkway.

Frank Dunn

New: July 28, 2009

  • From Japan - In Memory of Reg.#44029 Kai Hildebrandt
  • Dear Joe;

    I am writing to you about the death of Cst. Kai Hildebrandt and his next of kin. I would like to thank you for having this website.rcmp crestRIP

    A number of years ago, I moved to Kyoto, Japan. In that time, I lost contact with a number of friends in Canada due to the usual reasons - work, family, distance. Recently, through the internet I've been able to establish contact with many of my old friends except for one -- Kai Hildebrandt

    Kai Hildebrandt was my best friend for many years through high school, university and beyond. Just yesterday, after many years of searching for him, I found his listing in your website.

    I came here and found him as well. Needless to say, I'm shocked. He was the father of two children and happily married. He was only 35 years old.

    My question is about his next of kin. I can't find any relation of his anywhere online. His father's name was Uwe Hildebrandt and he resided in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

    Is there any record of his widow or the site of his grave? If there is, I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward that information.

    Again, thank you for maintaining this website.

    Jeff Willard

    Note: I'll be able to help Mr. Willard and will keep in contact with him. JJH

New: July 27, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18139 (Rtd) S/Sgt. William G. Dinnen died July 25th, 2009 of cancer at Qualicum Beach, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Dinnen served from 1953 to 1988 in 'F' Div. His son, Reg.#40385 Cpl. Mike Dinnen, currently serves in 'E' Div.

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#13569 (Rtd) Sgt Lawrence George Ginn died July 24th, 2009 at Ottawa, Ont.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Ginn served from 1940 to 1966 in ‘D’ Div. He was life member of Ottawa Vets. His son, Reg.#31846 S/Sgt. Robert Ginn, currently serves in ‘E’ Div.

New: July 26, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#13055 former Cst. William Hubert Blakeney died July 21, 2009 at Carleton Place, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. Blakeney joined the Force in 1938. He served in the RCMP Band at 'N' Div, then during WWII in the RCAF.

    Following the war he was sound editor for fifty years with the National Film Board.

New: July 25, 2009

  • In Memory of Reg.#9669 Cst. Edgar Millen
    & 'The Mad Trapper File', January 1932
  • Cst. 'Newt' Millen was born about 1900 and joined the Force on November 22, 1920.

    In January, 1932 an RCMP posse chased Albert Johnson also known as the 'Mad' Trapper', partly across the North West Territories.

    Johnson surprised both Cst. Millen and Sgt. Riddell and from an ambush position, he shot and killed Cst. Millen.rcmp crestRIP Reg9669

    Cst. Millen is buried in Beechmount Cemetery, Edmonton, Alberta.

    Today, several Canadian landmarks are named after Cst. Millen. They include: Millen Creek, Northwest Territories - near Fort McPherson (Lat: 67·40·00N Long: 135·42·00W) - (a cairn at this creek commemorates death of Cst. E. MILLEN at (or near) site of his murder January, 1932); Millen Lane, 'Depot' Division RCMP., Regina, Saskatchewan, Mount Millen, Yukon - Northeast of Lapierre House (Lat: 67·28·00N Long: 136·25·00W), Millen Park, Edmonton, Alberta - Park and Memorial, and Millen Street, Inuvik, NorthWest Territories. Each are named after Reg.#9669 Constable Edgar MILLEN, RCMP.

    These photos were kindly sent in for publication by Edmonton Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson.

    My appreciation also goes out to Vet. Jack White for allowing me to use his historical data which formulates this Memorial to Cst. Millen.

New: July 24, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#27341 former Cst. Gregory Dean Dorey died July 20, 2009 at Hantsport, N.S.rcmp crestRIP

    He served from 1969 to (circa) 1973 in 'F' Div.

New: July 23, 2009

  • Search for grave takes a twist
  • Reg.#12170, Cpl. Watson Godfrey LeMesurier joined the Force on April 1, 1932. Vet. Jack White records that LeMesurier saw action during WWI and he also served in the RCMP's 'Marine' Div. as well as in 'A' Div. and 'J' Div. Cpl. LeMesurier retired on October 31, 1954 at which time he became an Anglican priest. He died in 1962.rcmp crestRIP Reg12170

    For some time, it was known that Rev. LeMesurier was buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery at village Brooke, Ontario on Highway 7 between Sharbot Lake & Perth. But, Toronto Vet. Jack O'Reilly could not find LeMesurier's name in St. Stephen's Cemetery records which he found on the web. LeMesurier's name was missing off the cemetery list.

    Not long ago, Jack was on patrol in the Perth area so he decided to visit St. Stephen's Cemetery. Jack found LeMesurier's grave site and he noted that the grave was excellently cared for and flowers had been placed next to the grave. Jack set an RCMP flag beside the grave stone which can be seen in the photo.

    Jack then realized that Rev. LeMesurier's name is simply listed incorrectly on the cemetery's website. The confusion was caused because on the web list, his last name is shown as 'Godfrey' rather than 'LeMesurier'.

    The error which was noted by Jack will be brought to the attention of the caretakers of St. Stephen Cemetery. They will also be complimented on the excellent care of their Cemetery.

New: July 22, 2009

  • Appreciation to 'H' Div. - Grave Location Program
  • Dear Joe;

    I have received authority from the C.O. "H" Div. to provide you with the complete file of our graves inspection reports. NSTarton

    I will be try to send it via email, but due to its length, I may have to send you a DVD.

    Yours truly,

    Tom Lowe

    Buffalo Joe adds:

    Dear Tom;

    Thank you! I am very, very appreciative of your personal efforts to obtain permission from the CO 'H' Div. for the release of this data. I am sincerely grateful for your patience and persistence.

    The data which you provide to the Vets Graves Location and Maintenance on behalf of 'H' Div. is invaluable.

    Yours truly

New: July 21, 2009

  • In Memory of Reg.#26839 Brian McCarthy
  • Dear Joe;

    Here's the picture of Brian's headstone. Reg26839

    Brian is buried in Malcolm's Cemetery, St. Patrick's RC Church, Miramichi, NB

    Many thanks for your efforts.


New: July 20, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17330 (Rtd) S/Sgt Douglas S. Smith died July 19, 2009 at Dartmouth, N.S.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Smith served from 1951 to 1988 in 'H' Div. His son, Reg.#36892 Sgt. Alexander Smith is presently serving in the Force.

New: July 19, 2009

  • Reg.#10483 Gordon P. Coutu - Danger Lurking
  • Dear Joe;

    Gordon Coutu was my uncle. There was a story about him that was chilling and I would like to know if it was true. He never spoke about it and I found out from my mom.

    The story goes that my Uncle Gordie was walking the beat one snowy night in a small town somewhere in rural Quebec when two young roughnecks attacked him. They beat him and left him for dead in a snowbank.

    After the beating they went to the home of one of them. They were drinking heavily at the kitchen table and laughing about how they had killed an RCMP Officer. When their father heard the story, he waited until it was safe, then went out to the barn, hooked up the horse team to go looking for Gord who was then unconscious and covered in snow. Coutu1

    When he found Gord, he put him in the cart, took him to the hospital, then turned in his own son, along with the friend and, subsequently testified against both of them in court. Apparently when asked by the lawyer why he would turn in his own son, he said that he had to, it was the only decent thing he could do, that his son was like this and would do it again if left out of prison.

    Uncle Gord ended up on a medical pension with a plate in his head and never worked again. I knew him, but I don't know if this story is true. I was told not to talk about it because it was difficult for him to talk about it. However, one time my uncle did mention that he had a plate in his head and that he kept a cane beside his bed because some men from long ago had got out of prison and that they had always vowed to go looking for him. Then he changed the subject.

    My mom told me that the police had told Uncle Gord that these guys were out of jail and that the RCMP had provided protection for him for a while, just in case.....

    Quite the story to be told while getting firewood from outside on a cold snowy night. Sends chills right up and down the spine!

    Now Uncle Gord can lie in peace and I've enclosed a picture of his marker.

    Yours truly,

  • Reg.#36492 Cst. Margaret A. E. Scanlan
  • Reg36492

    Some months ago, we received a note from Cst. Scanlan's brother living in British Columbia.

    He said that after his sister's death, Margaret Anne had been buried near Westport, Ontario. Cst. Scanlan joined the Force on November 4, 1980. After basic training at 'Depot' she was posted to 'E' Div. and she died of cancer in Vancouver on October 1, 1988.

    On a recent visit to Westpost we had the opportunity to visit the final resting place of Cst. Margaret Scanlan.

  • From the Chaplain's Chair
  • Hi Joe,

    I am the Chaplain for 'A' Div. and 'HQ' Div.

    I am quite pleased with your RCMP site. It is well done and one can see that a lot of research and hard work has gone into it.

    Keep up the good work.
    Rev. Andre Bigras, S/Sgt. Chaplain

New: July 18, 2009

  • A Page from an Infant Force - NWMP
  • Many, many bold and daring yarns can be told about the early members of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP). One such story has been recorded by Vet. Jack White about Reg.#866 Cpl. William 'Old Blue' Assheton-Smith. He was born on November 6, 1865 and in 1885 he was posted to Fort Pitt and saw the outbreak of the Riel Rebellion. Reg866

    Jack White recounts that on one occasion, Cpl. Smith was investigating the theft of a rifle in Camrose, AB. He galloped into the suspect's yard hollering "Quick, get a rifle, there's a Lynx!" The suspect quickly produced the rifle which had been stolen. 'In the name of the Queen, you're under arrest'! Reg866

    Cpl. Smith retired on February 10, 1910 and he was grated a life pension of $235.03 per year. He later settled in the Edberg District of Alberta and became the Postmaster in Ferintosh, AB. He is father of Reg.#3773 Frederick Assheton Smith.

    Cpl. Smith died in 1944 and he is buired in Ferintosh, AB

New: July 17, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#16907 (Rtd) S/Sgt Thomas Joseph Kehoe died July 2, 2009 at Edmonton, AB.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Kehoe served from 1951 to 1974 in 'F' Div.

New: July 15, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#21291 (Rtd) S/Sgt Howard Kearley died July 12, 2009 of a heart attack while visiting Duck Mountain, Manitoba from Winnipeg.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Kearley served from 1960 to 1993 in 'D' Div retiring from Portage La Prairie.

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#19360 former Cst. Thomas Raymond Ryan died July 4, 2009 at Victoria, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. Ryan served from 1956 to 1959 in 'E' Div then joined the Vancouver City Police (VCP) retiring in 1993 as an Inspector.

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17612 (Rtd) S/Sgt James Hamish Nisbet died July 13, 2009 at St Andrews, N.B.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Nisbet served from 1952 to 1975 in 'H' & 'HQ' CDL, then instructed at Holland College, P.E.I.

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17920 former Cst. Harry B. Friesen died July 11, 2009 of cancer at Oliver, B.C.rcmp crestRIP Cst. Friesen served from 1952 to 1956.

New: July 14, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#15111 (Former) Cst. Clovis Burton Everett died June 2, 2009 at Saint John, NB.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. Everett served from 1948 to 1952 in Marine Div. He was in the Merchant Marine from 1943 during WWII and following his RCMP service he also served in the RCAF Service Police from 1955 to 1977.

New: July 13, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#12913 (Rtd) S/Sgt Edward Victor "Nick" Carter died July 2, 2009 at Vancouver, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt. Carter served from 1937 to 1963 in 'K' 'E' & 'D' Divs.

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#14630 Rtd Sgt Walter Bernard Smith died July 12, 2009 at North Vancouver, BC.rcmp crestRIP

    Sgt. Smith served from 1946 to 1970 in 'D' Div.

New: July 12, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17104 (Rtd) S/Sgt Douglas Roy 'Skip' Wilson died (today) July 12, 2009 at Edmonton, AB.rcmp crestRIP

    S/Sgt.Wilson served from 1951 to 1973 in 'K' Div.

New: July 11, 2009

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  • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#33404 (Rtd) Cst. Heimo Schabernak died July 8, 2009 at Nanaimo, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

    Cst. Schabernak served from 1976 to 2001 in 'E' Div retiring from Nanaimo Det.

New: July 10, 2009

  • Reg.#35534, Cst. J. M. Gallagher - Maintain Our Memories
  • About two weeks ago, a note was received from Vet. Dave McCartney presently living in British Columbia. Dave said that his wife died and she was returned from BC and buried in Toronto, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

    Dave's information regarding Reg.#35534 June M. Gallagher was sent on to Toronto Vets. Jack O'Reilly, Rick Morris and Wayne Barry. They located the site of Cst. Gallagher's in-ground bronze marker. Reg35534

    Vet. Wayne Barry took time and care to perform ground maintenance to Cst. Gallagher's grave including edging, grass clipping and brushing her marker. He also took a photo of Cst. Gallagher's marker.

    Cst. Gallagher's husband appreciated the kindness of our 'O' Div. Vets and he wrote the following note. "Thank you all for looking after this for us. The only living family in the area is June’s mom who is quite elderly. I will let her know of all your efforts."

    All Vets share Dave McCartney's appreciative sentiments for the work 'O' Div. Vets perform on the RCMP Grave Location and Maintenance Program. We also say 'Thanks 'O' Div.!

New: July 9, 2009

  • A Page from an Infant Force - the NWMP
  • This note was received from Insp. Gibson Glaven of 'HQ' Div.

    Dear Joe;

    Reg.#345, Cst. George H. Johnston buried at Fort Walsh, (and the brother of my great grandfather) had his death circumstances reviewed in June of this year by the Honour and Awards Committee and it was re-designates a 'duty related death'.rcmp crestRIP

    So, 127 years after his death, he is to receive full honours and will be added on the RCMP Roll of Honour at 'Depot' Div on September 13th of this year.

    Dear Gibson;

    Congratulations and a Grand Tip of the Stetson to Cst. Johnston!

New: July 8, 2009

  • Cst. Hugh Jackson
  • Dear Buffalo Joe;

    Here's the information I have researched on Hugh Jackson. (It may not be accurate and I am waiting to hear from a daughter of Hugh’s who may have slightly different info).

    There are presently two 'Hugh Jackson's' listed on your website. I am told that 'my' Hugh Jackson did not have a middle name.

    He may have been born on December 5, 1882 or 1883 (to be verified) and his DOD was Labour Day, 1965. He was in the NWMP/RNWMP and he is buried in Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Edmonton, AB (also to be verified)rcmp crestRIP

    I've learned that one of his daughters, (Nora), has a postcard addressed to Hugh Jackson in Fort Saskatchewan, dated June 21, 1916, authored by the name of Fleming.

    I’m sending you this info but I'll be following up on the loose ends.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jan in Regina, SK. Friend of the Force

New: July 6, 2009

  • Reg.#12572 Cst. Peter Seddon Oliver - RCMP Honour Roll #72

    Dear Joe;

    I am the nephew of the late Peter Seddon Oliver who lost his life in the Dieppe raid, August 19, 1942.rcmp crestRIP

    I read with great interest your content about Cst. Oliver on the 'What's New' page of June 18, 2009'....it was most informative.

    The www.RCMP graves.com website is also most interesting! Reg12572

    I will forward a package to you of Peter Seddon Oliver's memorabilia such as a coloured photo of Peter in his RCMP tunic, circa 1935 or 1936 and a photo of the portrait of Peter and background done by Kathleen Mann in England in 1940 which hung in the London National Gallery until his death at Dieppe in August 1942 when it was returned to my grandmother Oliver in Quebec City.

    I will also include a photo of the Canadian Military Police Oliver Memorial Trophy and a brief summary of Peter's Quebec City background leading up to his death at Dieppe.
    Yours truly,
    Peter Clark

    *Photo credit: Thanks to Vet. Murray Adair who recently visited the grave site of Cst. Oliver in the Canadian War Cemetary at Hautot-sur-Mer (Dieppe), France.

New: July 5, 2009

  • Reg.#33534 June M. Gallagher
  • This note was received from Vet. David McCartney presently living in British Columbia.

    Dave stated: "My wife, June Margret Gallagher Reg # 35534 (bd June 1, 1955) died while still a serving member on May 6th, 1984.rcmp crestRIP

    She is buried in York Cemetary 160 Beecroft Road Toronto. I was wondering how to go about adding her name to the National database?"

    Cst. June Gallagher's name was added to the database. Vet. Dave McCartney was contacted and told that our 'O' Div Vets would soon take a photo of her grave stone which will be also be recorded on her database file.

    Our thanks Dave!

New: July 4, 2009

  • Reg.#10549 M.G.G. Goldie

    Vet. Arnie Crittenden of Lion's Head, Ontario recently met a friend who once knew an old timer who once served in the RCMP during the late 1930's.

    Jack White's research reveals that the member was Reg.#10549, M.G.G. (Mark) Goldie. Cst. Goldie joined the Force in March, 1929 but little else is known about his life except that he died in London, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

    The exact location of Cst. Goldie's grave is presently being explored by our 'O' Div. Vets.

    Our thanks go to Vet. Arnie Crittenden for providing the preliminary information on Cst. Goldie and we hope to successfuly find his final resting place.

New: July 3, 2009

  • NWMP Reg.#4179 E.V. Rose
  • Reg4179Rose

    Cst. E. V. Rose joined the Force on February 22, 1904. He served in 'F' Div. but he purchased on June 1, 1908. He moved to Calgary, AB and he died on September 25, 1963.rcmp crestRIP

    It was known that Cst. Rose had been buried in Queen's Park Cemetery in Calgary but his grave marker could not be found for many years. About two weeks ago, Friend of the Force Mr. Reg. Keatley dug around the base of a spruce tree and located Cst. Rose's grave which had been completely hidden under grass and dirt.

    Our thanks are extended to Mr. Keatley for his tremendous support of the National Graves Location and Maintenance Program!

New: July 2, 2009

  • A Page from an Infant Force - the NWMP
    Reg.#664, Frank William Walter Fane, NWMP

    S/Sgt. Fane joined the NWMP on April 14, 1882. He served in 'F', 'K', 'E' and 'K' Div. He also served during the Riel Rebellion. He left the NWMP on April 13, 1890 from Fort Macleod. Years later, he was in WWI.

    Vet AJH 'Joe' Collinson was kind to send in this photo of S/Sgt. Fane's gravesite plus a story of S/Sgt. Fane which was published in the Vegreville Observer on June 25, 2002.

    Reg664Fane Reg664Fane2

    S/Sgt. Fane's grave is south of Mundare in the Province of Alberta.

    My sincere thanks to Vet. Collinson for his ongoing support of the National Graves Program as well as to Vet. Jack White for allowing me access to his historical files. Thank you again! I also want to acknowledge the origins of this article taken from the Vegreville Observer.

    A high tip of the Stetson to Reg.#664 Frank William Walter Fane of the NWMP!

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  • Canada Day

    Maintain Our Memories


New: June 30, 2009

  • Joseph Israel Coutu & Gorden Peter Coutu

    Hi Joe;

    Joseph Israel Coutu was my grandfather and Gorden Peter Coutu was my uncle. They are both buried in Gatineau, Quebec at the Saint Jean Marie Vienney Cemetary.rcmp crestRIP Coutu1 Coutu2

    Their grave markers can be seen by Googling 'Saint Jean Marie Vianney Cemetery'.

    All you have to do is scroll down to the C's where you can click and see their markers.

    Thank you for putting up this webpage.
    Ann McGowan

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      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#28715 former Cst. Eric H. Kuhn died June 29, 2009 at Victoria, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

      Cst. Kuhn served from 1971 to 1988 in 'E' Div when he was invalided with M.S. He had been sick for many years.

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      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18787 (Rtd) Sgt. J.A. Yvon Vanasse died June 26, 2009 at Gatineau, Quebec.rcmp crestRIP Reg18787Vanasse

      Sgt. Vanasse served from 1954 to circa 1980 in 'J' 'O' and 'HQ' retiring from the Legal Section.

      He was a Past President and a long time supporter of the Ottawa Vets Association.

    New: June 29, 2009

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      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#42712 Cst. Kenneth John Haycock died June 18, 2009 at Surrey, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

      Cst. Haycock served in the RCN, then in the Force from 1988 to his death in Marine Services. PVNadon In 2000 he was among the crew on the voyage of PV Nadon from Goose Bay to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In recent years he had been suffering cancer.

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      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#16717 former Cst. Frederick Edward 'Ted' Williams died June 24, 2009 at Lower Sackville, N.S.rcmp crestRIP

      Cst. Williams served from 1950 to 1955 in 'B' Div.

    New: June 28, 2009

    • Financing the Force
    • In his Annual Report to the Honourable Stuart S. Garson, Q.C., M.P., Minister of Justice and Minister in Control of the R.C.M.Police, the Commissioner addresses the issue of obtaining quality materials and supplies for fair fare to the Force.

      He says: "A total of 24 additional units of passenger cars and motorcycles were purchased at an average net cost of $2,073.48 each...". Later, the Commissioner reports: "During the year approximately 400 old typewriters were replaced, mostly in the Western Division." p.40.

      In the early days of the Force, all administrative and crime reports were signed by their author in a very particular fashion and the Annual Report of 1956 was no exception. The Commissioner ends his Annual Report by signing: "I have the honour to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, L. H. Nicholson, Commissioner".

      Vets and slightly older Fossils will remember well this format for signing our reports! Source: Annual Report of the RCMP 1956

    • Good News Note
    • I am interested in having a picture of my husband's headstone included with his information. Could you please tell me how to do this? My husband was Brian Andrew McCarthy Reg.#26839.

      Also the name of the cemetery is not in his data -- it is Malcolm Cemetary, St. Patrick's RC Church, Nelson-Miramichi, NB.

      The web site is fantastic and I am going to tell all my family members to check it out.
      Many thanks for all you hard work.
      Isobel McCarthy

    New: June 27, 2009

    • A Page from an Infant Force
      Reg.#o304, George Clift King, O.B.E. NWMP
    • Over the past week, several photos of Alberta graves have been sent in by Mr. Reg. Keatley, Friend of the Force in Calgary. o304King

      The photo of George Clift King's grave stone deserves special mention.

      The inscription on his marker says:

      "Original member of the NWMP during the 1874 March West (to Fort MacLeod). Member of 'F' Troop, founders of Fort Calgary amd the first to stand on that site.
      Calgary's Postmaster 1885 - 1921
      Mayor of Calgary Nov. 1886 - Jan. 1888
      Town Councillor - 1889, 1891, 1892
      Businessman and civic promoter."

      We appreciate all the kind support and research which we receive frequently from Mr. Reg. Keatley. And, as we recall the memory of George Clift King we give him a high Tip of our Stetson!

    New: June 26, 2009

    • Reg.#13, S/M Thomas Horatio Lake - Golden, BC Graves
    • Hi All,

      Having reviewed the NWMP personnel file of 135 pages on S/M Lake, Supt. Samuel Benfield Steele's book draft "Fort Steele - It's Origin and Early Days" which includes only a general burial location of S/M Lake and the information that is provided as outlined below I now consider this matter CONCLUDED HERE:

      Thank you Diane Wardle and Coleen Palumbo for your assistance, it is much appreciated.
      Barry Beaulac

      Original Message -----

      From: Wardle, Diane M RBCM:EX
      To: beau45@telus.net
      Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 12:00 PM
      Re: BC Archives Inquiry: Place of Burial - Thomas Horatio Lake

      June 24, 2009
      Barry Beaulac; Thank you for your inquiry.

      I have done a search of our records and was only able to find the death registration and coroner's inquiry for Thomas Lake.

      Note: The vital events index lists the death under Thomas H. Taite. I believe this just may be an error due to the handwriting on the registration but it is definately for the right person due to other facts listed. The place of burial is not stated on either record.

      The death registration consists of one page and the coroners report consists of 6 pages.

      I was unable to find any other references to either Thomas Lake or Thomas Taite in our records. If you have not already done so, I suggest that you contact the RCMP in Ottawa to see if they have any records dating back to 1887.

      Diane Wardle, Royal British Columbia Museum
      Victoria BC V8W 9W2 Phone: (250) 387-8847

    New: June 25, 2009

    • Reg.#14013 Frederick James Wheatley
    • Dear Joe;

      Thank you for doing this website!

      There's an error on my father's page -- his DOB is Aug 20, 1918 and his DOD is Apr. 25, 2006, the months Aug and Apr are switched.

      He is interred at the Hussar, AB Cemetary. I'd like to upload his RCMP picture.

      Thanks again.
      Marilyn Wheatley-Olsen

    • Re: Mr. Annis Bassam Dahbar CM - RCMP Intelligence Analyst
    • Dear Joe;

      What a great story! (See: June 23, 2009 below) - a story that should be shared by all serving and non serving members.

      We need to have a good story to dispel some of the stuff we get daily in the media This is a real unsung hero who died far too young.

      Yours truly,
      Vet. Garth Hampson, Ottawa

    New: June 24, 2009

    • Farewell Friend and Fellow New Brunswicker
    • I was sad when I heard about the death of Governor General Romeo LeBlanc today.rcmp crestRIP

      I did not know him personally but I had the opportunity to be in his warm company on a few occasions while I served wih the RCMP. I took particular pride that he too was from New Brunswick. GGLeBlanc

      This photo was taken at Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, Ontario. It was October 17, 1997 and it marked my 40th anniversary of volunteer work and association with St. John Ambulance. It was a memorable occasion in my life when Governor Gereral LeBlanc presented me with the Order of St. John. In addition to thanking him during the photo, I also told the Governor General that I was from New Brunswick -- his wit was quick and he gently and quietly reminded me that: "It's important that we stick together!"

      Other Canadians were also sad to hear of his death. Local NB resident Bertille Demers spoke of what LeBlanc's appointment meant to francophones in New Brunswick, "His appointment is a sign of pride for all Acadians."

      "He's from down home, he's a good man and he's one of us - an Acadian," said Bernard Gaudet of Saint-Joseph, N.B.

      LeBlanc used his background to show how francophones outside Quebec can thrive in Canada and how French and English can co-operate.

      Source: The Canadian Press, June 24, 2009. (http://www.google.com/

      Prime Minister Stephen Harper said: "I was deeply saddened to learn today of the death of Roméo LeBlanc. Mr. LeBlanc was a passionate Canadian who served his country with distinction and honour. As Canada's 25th Governor General since Confederation, and Canada's first Acadian-born Governor General, he performed his duties with vigour and conviction. He profoundly believed Canadians should know more about their own extraordinary, everyday courage;..."

      Source:cbcnews.ca June 24, 2009

      Today, Canada has lost a warm and caring Canadian.

    New: June 23, 2009

    • Last Post by Vet. John Neily, A/Comm'r. (Ret'd)
    • Mr. Annis Bassam Dahbar (June 1974 to July 2005) was an RCMP CM Intelligence Analyst who died suddenly in the summer of 2005rcmp crestRIP. He was working with CID on the National Security side of the operation at that time and I was the Director of CID. CM Dahbar

      He is of Christian faith and Lebanese by birth. He was very well educated with post graduate degrees. His family are in Kuwait and Boston or were at that time. He was the sole Canadian.

      Mr. Dahbar had won a competition with the RCMP from DFAIT. He was only with us for about three months. Post 9/11 he wanted to make a difference and as a new Canadian had come to admire the Force. He set upon a mission to join the Force and he did.

      In the short time he was with us his work was incredible and his insight and vision ensured a more informed intelligence and operationally directed set of products.

      At the time of his funeral, held at the Orthodox Catholic Church behind 'HQ' we met his father and family. He is buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, ON

      This young man was proud to be a member albeit not for long. We can say more. Feel free to share this with whomever requires this information.

      Yours truly,
      John Neily, A/Comm'r. (Ret'd)

    New: June 23 2009

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      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18059 Rtd S/Sgt Warren Henry ' Stuke' Wilson died June 22, 2009 at Lloydminster.rcmp crestRIP S/Sgt. Wilson served from 1953 to 1977 in 'F' Div. He was father of two presently serving members; Reg.#36852 Cpl Ken Wilson in 'K' & Reg.#37542 Cpl Lori Woods in 'E'.

    • RCMP Graves Website & National Database to Receive Ink!
    • This just received at Fort Healy!

      Good morning Joe,

      I'm a writer for The Frontline Perspective, the RCMP's Staff Relations Program's magazine.MsLauraThompson

      I've visited your website and think it's very impressive. The amount of time and energy that you've put into it is phenomenal.

      (Photo right: Ms Laura Thompson)

      We'd like to do an article to recognize you and your work and the work of the volunteers on the RCMP Graves database for our SRRs Salute section in the fall 2009 issue.

      Would there be a good time to contact you to talk about why you decided to take on this challenge and the importance of it? Please let me know. I look forward to speaking with you.

      Writer and Communications Assistant, RCMP

      Buffalo Joe replies:

      Dear Laura;

      Full credit for this work also goes to all our Vets, Members, Families and Friends of the Force who support the website, contribute historical accounts, and stories very worthy of remembering.

      A feature article will appear in The Frontline Perspective in the Fall, 2009!

    New: June 22, 2009

    • Retired Officer Reg.#O.484 Feeling Great!
    • Not long ago, friends and I had the opportunity to gather and dine with retired RCMP Officer Reg.#O.484 CommissionerNadon

      Younger members of the Force and slightly older 'Force Fossils' will recognize this recently taken photo of much loved and respected Commissioner Maurice Jean Nadon.

      Commissioner Nadon said that he doesn't take a day off from a regular round of sporting activities which keeps him 'young at heart'. Curling, regular outdoor walks and out of town visitors keep Commissioner Nadon busy during the winter months in Ottawa.

      Summer months are spent at his cottage. His family, including a partial troop of grandchildren, entertain and help him relax. He is an excellent carpenter which is very apparent in his construction of his cottage.

      Reg.#13863/O.484 Commissioner Nadon was born in Mattawa, Ontario. He joined the Force on January 3, 1941 and he served in 'C', 'A', 'E', 'C', 'HQ', 'O', and 'HQ' Div. He received his commission on May 1, 1958. Commissioner Nadon served as the sixteenth Commissioner of the Force from December 29, 1973 until he retired on August 31, 1977.

      I had the honour to host our dinner with Commissioner Nadon and I asked him to pose for this picture. All Vets wish Commissioner Nadon good health and fond memories of his service to Canada and to the Force.

      I sincerely thank Vet. Jack White for his biographical background on Commissioner Nadon.

      J. J. Healy

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      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#19393 former Cst 'Red' A. A. Bowen died June 20, 2009 at St. Peters, N.S.rcmp crestRIP

      Cst. Bowen served from 1956 to 1970 in 'B' & 'H' Divs.

    New: June 21, 2009

    • Footprints of the Force - Maintain Our Memories
    • Memorial to Reg.#10982 Sgt. Louis Romeo Dubuc

      A year ago RCMP Vet. Reg.#17023 Jack Hickman of Kingston, Ontario visited Ireland where he found the final resting place of Sgt. L. R. Dubuc, RCMP Honour Roll #69.

      After Jack's return to Canada, he contributed his research material which made it possible for Sgt. Dubuc to be featured as our August (2008) Vet of the Month.

      To review, on November 20, 1939, with the outbreak of World War II, Dubuc was temporarily transferred from the RCMP to the Ferry Command of the R.C.A.F. to move aircraft across the Atlantic to Great Britain.

      On September 27, 1941 he left Canada, flying a new Hudson bomber, with two other crew. They fought storms all the way over the Atlantic and then, low on fuel over Ireland, faced dense fog. Attempting a landing at Dundalk, the aircraft struck some obstruction and crashed, killing the three crew.

      Today, we are very pleased to hear again from Vet. Jack Hickman who wrote: "Sgt. Dubuc is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Newry, Northern Ireland.rcmp crestRIP

      Just to step back a bit, during the Grave Inspections Program carried out in "O" Division, our Vets started placing miniature Division colours (flags) on the various graves. This practice was apparently initiated by a former CO of "O" Division, who provided the flags.Reg10982Dubec

      Eariler this year, I visited Newry again and I took the opportunity to place a flag on Sgt. Dubuc's grave. Reg10982Dubec

      My cousin has said that he will check periodically, and if the flag becomes tattered or torn, or otherwise not appropriate, he will remove it.

      I feel that the flag is a trivial gesture, but it will give some connection to Sgt. Dubuc's association with the Force."

      Yours truly,
      Jack Hickman
      Kingston, ON

      Buffalo Joe adds:

      Dear Jack; Thank you! What a wonderful and memorable act of generosity on your part to revisit the resting place of our Vet. Sgt. Dubuc! Our Vets are appreciative. You've gone beyond what was expected! Our website motto: 'Maintain Our Memories' has been fulfilled!

      Vet. Jack White has provided us with the historical background on Sgt. Dubuc. I thank him also for his research contribution.

    New: June 20, 2009

    • A Page from an Infant Force - the NWMP

      Former NWMP Reg.#5365 Constable Frank Moult Bostock joined the NWMP on May 25, 1912 and he left the Force soon after on October 2, 1912. He turned to mining but he was among the 180 miners who were killed in the Hillcrest, Alberta Mining Disaster.rcmp crestRIP Reg5365Bostock

      Cst. Bostock's name is mentioned on the Memorial (right) at Hillcrest, AB. As well, his name is identified on a plaque (below) which sits on a divider that infers that Bostock is also buried behind the Memorial at Hillcrest.

      In some cases where there are these plaques (on dividers) there are also headstones behind them however, in Bostock's case there is nothing behind it except prairie grass. Reg5365Bostock

      I'd like to thank Vet. AJH 'Joe' Collinson for the photos of the Hillcrest Mining Disaster Memorial.

      I also thank Vet. Jack White for the biographical research data on Cst. Bostock. Pax

      It's another Page from an Infant Force.

    New: June 19 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17991 (Rtd) S/Sgt Paul Douglas Wendt died June 19, 2009 at Ottawa.rcmp crestRIP

      S/Sgt. Wendt served from 1952 to 1979 in 'A' & 'HQ' Divs.

    • Maintain our Memories - Reg.#20217 Cpl. Mike Snihor
    • Alan McLaughlan was kind to contribute a photo of Cpl. Snihor's grave.Reg20217Snihor

      Research by Vet. Jack White reveals that Cpl. Snihor was born on October 25, 1938 at Wandering River, Alberta. He joined the Force on October 17, 1957 and Cpl. Snihor served in 'D', 'G', 'M' & 'D' Div. He retired on May 8, 1987.

      Cpl. Snihor died on June 13, 2004 and he is buried in the Thompson Municipal Cemetery.rcmp crestRIP

      *Thanks Alan for Cpl. Snihor's photo and for your support of the Grave Location & Maintenance Program.

  • Reg.#2323 E. J.'Klondike' Ward - from Constable to Millionaire
    • Cst. Ward enlisted on August 1, 1889 at Regina and he was discharged June 11, 1894. He re-enlisted August 1, 1895 for an additional 2 years. He was discharged July 31, 1897 having served 2 years plus 289 days. His salary was .50 cents per day until he 'struck pay dirt'. Reg2323WardMansion

      After leaving the NWMP, Cst. Ward remained in Dawson and joined the Klondike Gold Rush. He eventually returned to Kentville, Nova Scotia with a fortune. He built a huge mansion (shown here) plus 2 commercial stores and at least a dozen other houses.

      Cst. Ward built his mansion around 1905 at a cost of over $100,000. The "Ward's Mansion" was damaged by fire in 1965 and the second floor is now gone.

      Many years ago, my mother attended a party at the house and described a large indoor balcony, etc.

      I got this photo from a local man who, as a young boy, had been to the house many times. He took this snap when the house burned in 1965.

      Yours truly,
      Dick Pulsifer
      Friend of the Force
      Nova Scotia

    New: June 18, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#16095 former Cst. David Chartres Rivers died June 14, 2009 at Georgetown, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

      Cst. Rivers served during WWII in the Winnipeg Rifles then in the Force from 1950 to 1962 in 'D' Div. He was Life Member of Ottawa Div. Vets.

    • Last Post

      Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#23500 (Rtd) Sgt. David Donaldson Miller died June 11, 2009 at Abbotsford, B.C. from a bee or wasp sting.rcmp crestRIP

      Sgt. Miller served from 1964 to 1988 in 'F' 'HQ' & 'D' Divs. He retired from Neepawa Detachment. He then moved to BC and worked at North Vancouver Det, then Surrey Det. as a Reader, a CPIC auditor and in Court Liaison until 2001.

    • Memorial to Reg.#12572 Cst. Peter Seddon Oliver
    • RCMP Honour Roll #72

      This is a very special contribution and memorial to Cst. Oliver by Vet. Reg.#33934 Murray Adair who recently travelled to France.Reg12572

      Murray Adair says: "I was at the Dieppe Canadian War Cemetary at Hautot-sur-Mer (Dieppe), France on June 7th 2009. Reg12572

      I had done some research prior to heading to France and I was able to locate the grave of Cst. Peter Seddon Oliver, Reg.#12572. Reg12572

      Cst. Oliver joined the Force in 1935. He was also one of the first to join the No. 1 Provost Company in 1939.

      He was killed at Dieppe, France during the Dieppe Raid on August 19th 1942 and he is listed as Number 72 in the RCMP's Honour Roll.rcmp crestRIP

      The precise location of Cst. Oliver's grave is in the Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery at Row L, #3. His headstone notes he was with the No. 1 Provost Corps, however at the Dieppe Canadian Museum he is listed as being with the No. 2 Provost Corps."

      Murray concludes by saying:"I've attached a couple pictures and as I was leaving I left behind an RCMP cap badge and a Horse & Rider pin.

      Yours truly,

      Murray Adair

      Toronto's Vet. Jack O'Reilly adds an additonal touch of history, "...Nice touch Murray. I can see the top of the cap badge at the bottom on the marker. Appears to be a Canadian "Poppy" quarter on the top of the marker as well.

      You are probable aware that Cst. Oliver was the son of Reg.#881 S/Sgt George Oliver who served in the NWMP from April 1883 to Aug 1892. There is no information on where or when his father died.

      Vet. Jack O'Reilly, 'O' Div.

      Our appreciation goes out to Vets Murray Adair and Jack O'Reilly for recalling the service to Canada by Cst. Oliver as well as reminding us of his tragic death at Dieppe. Pax

    New: June 17, 2009

    • Memories of The 1933 Musical Ride

      RCMP Crest RCMP Crest MusicalRide1933

      Photo credit: Mr. Reg Keatley, Friend of the Force, Calgary, AB

    New: June 16, 2009

    • Footprints of the Force
    • Toronto Vet Jack O'Reilly attended the 2009 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Whitehorse. During the conference, Jack found time to conduct some research on graves of our deceased members.

      Jack reports: "The Pioneer Cemetery was established in 1900 and closed in 1965. It was originally know as the 6th Avenue Cemetery but was renamed the Pioneer Cemetery in 1975. It is estimated that 800 people are buried there.

      I visited the Pioneer Cemetery while at the AGM and found 4 graves with RCMP markers. All 4 graves were very close to each other."

      One of the graves which Jack photographed in Pioneer Cemeetery was that of Reg.#15104 Lenard Elaf Nordstrom.Reg15104

      According to Vet Jack White, Cst. Nordstrom joined the RCMP 61 years ago yesterday (on June 15, 1948). He accidently drowned on June 24, 1950.rcmp crestRIP

      Reporting on the accident, Jack White says that "[Cst. Nordstrom] ...[W]ith 2 other members bringing raft across channel with firewood for a beach roast, seized with cramps and went down before others could assist in the icy water."

      I wish to thank Jack O'Reilly for sending the photographs of members graves which he found in the Prioneer Cemetery and for providing them to me. Thanks also to Jack White for his career data on Cst. Nordstrom.

      We tip our Stetson to Cst. Nordstrom and recall the unfortunate circumstances which lead to his death. He was 23 years of age. Pax

    New: June 15, 2009

    • A Page From an Infant Force: The NWMP

      According to research by Vet Jack White, NWMP Reg.#635 David Latimer Cowan joined the Force on April 4, 1882.Reg635

      On April 15, 1885, Cst. Cowan was killed in action when he was shot by Indians while performing his duties as a Scout out of Fort Pitt.rcmp crestRIP

      The photo here is a Commemorative Marker in Cst. Cowan's name. It is situated near the site of the Frog Lake Massacre, Frog Lake, SK.

      Cst. Cowan is Number 9 on the RCMP's Honour Roll.

    New: June 14, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#15279 (Rtd) S/Sgt John W. Lukash died June 13, 2009 at Aylmer, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

      S/Sgt. Lukash served from 1947 to 1967 in 'G' 'O' 'N' & Depot Divs. He was a life member of London Div Vets. His brother, Reg.#25167 Cst Orest Lukash, also served, as did two nephews.

    New: June 13, 2009

    • Footprints of the Force
    • Three senior members of the Force (front row) have passed away since this photo was taken in 1969.

      Reg.#0.622 Insp. (later Supt.) 'Johnny' Morrison 'E' Div. Traffic Officer passed away in Victoria, BC in 1999.rcmp crestRIP

      Reg.#0.483 A/Comm'r G.C. Cunningham (CO 'E'Div.) died in 2002.rcmp crestRIP

      Reg.# 16469 S/Sgt. Edward William Dunk died in 1990.rcmp crestRIP

      Another pal, Reg.#24522 Sgt. R.E. (Ralph) Mohr (rear row) passed away in 2004. Ralph was posted with me at Maple Ridge Det. from 1967 to 1970.

      'E' Division Traffic Course - Victoria, BC - 1969

    New: June 12, 2009

    • Memorial to Reg.#31502 Cst. Norman Harry Atkins - 'J' Div.

      Introduction: Cst. N.H. Atkins joined the Force on May 15, 1974. He died while performing his police duties on RCMP Highway Patrol on July 8, 1995. Accidents are undoubtedly reduced and lives are saved primarily because of the visibility, devotion and enforcement provided by our Highway Patrol Units to which Cst. Atkins proudly belonged.

      Our thanks to RCMP member Peter Vail who sent in the obituary of Cst. Atkins which appeared in the Saint John, NB Telegraph Journal in July 1995.

      "An RCMP officer on his second shift with the Westfield Detachment was killed when his police cruiser struck a moose on the Saturday night of July 8.

      Cst. Norman Harry Atkins of Saint John West, was an 18-year veteran of the RCMP who had just been transferred to the Westfield Detachment from his former posting in Saint Andrews, NB.rcmp crestRIP

      While on routine highway patrol at about 10:30 pm, Cst. Atkins' car hit a moose on Highway 7 near Finnegan's Hill. No other vehicles were involved in the accident and Cst. Atkins was alone in his car.

      Staff Sgt. Hart Eichman of the Westfield Detachment said at the time, about six or seven accidents caused by animals had happened on the same stretch of highway where Cst. Atkins was killed.

      Before being transferred to the Westfield RCMP, the Saint John, NB native worked on the Saint Andrews detachment for 2 1/2 years. He also served with the RCMP in British Columbia and the New Brunswick Highway Patrol. Reg31502Atkins

      Cpl. Rinie Plomp of the Saint Andrews [Det.] said that Cst. Atkins was a police officer who knew that people were more important than paperwork. "He was probably the best example of a guy who practiced community-based policing on a day-to-day basis". Cst. Atkins expertise was in analyzing accidents and his real passion was in doing highway patrol.

      Cpl. Plomp said he was an excellent driver who had just completed an advanced driver-training course. "It was no secret that he really wanted to get back to his highway patrol duties," said Cpl. Plomp. "He was looking forward to going to Westfield." He described Cst. Atkins as a model father and a devoted family man.

      Cst. Atkins was survived by his wife Jill, and two daughters ages 7 and 11; and his parent and other relatives in the Saint John area."

      Cst. Atkins is buried at Harding's Point, Saint John, NB

      Source: The Telegraph Journal: July 1995

      RCMP member Peter Vail of 'J' Div. adds the following:

      "I remember this [accident] clearly as I was working in Sussex at the time. Cst. Atkins' funeral was in Saint John.

      Cst. Atkins is not listed in the RCMP Honour Roll nor the Canadian Police Officer's Memorial and I believe that this is a travesty that must be rectified. ...The fact that he is not in the Honour Roll disturbs me.

      He is listed on the New Brunswick Peace Officer’s Memorial from which I obtained his information." Peter Vail

      *My thanks to Peter Vail and also to Vet Jack White for providing the details on Cst. Atkins' career.

      **SOTOHP = 'Stetsons Off To Our Highway Patrols'. JJHealy

    New: June 11, 2009

    • Reg.#32 Sgt. James Colvin - A Founder of Calgary, Alberta

      Very worthwhile progress has been made to the collection of photos of grave sites and about 500 photos have recently been entered into the National Graves databank.

      One particular photo is that of NWMP Reg.#32 Sgt. James Colvin's grave which was contributed by Friend of the Force Mr. Reg Keatley.

      According to Historian & Vet. Jack White, Sgt. Colvin was one of the early builders of Fort Calgary.Reg32

      Sgt. Colvin was born on December 12, 1846 in Aberdeen, Scotland and he joined the NWMP on May 9, 1875. He died on June 1, 1885 at the age of 39 years.rcmp crestRIP

      Sgt. Colvin is buried in Union Cemetery, Calgary which is also the final resting place of about 100 NWMP.

      We pause to reflect on the great contributions to Canada by the early members of the NWMP. One of those special members was Sgt. James Colvin.

      We tip our Stetsons to Sgt. Colvin and the NWMP!

    New: June 10, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#12001 / O.375 D/Comm'r. William Henry Kelly (Rtd) died June 6, 2009 at Ottawa, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

      Deputy Comm'r. Kelly served from 1933 to 1970 in "F", "O", "HQ" "J", "A" and "HQ" as well as overseas duties. He was an author of several books and a Life Member of Ottawa Division Veterans.

      The photo below was taken in front of the Justice Building in Ottawa in June 1941 -- Canadian Police College Class #7.

      The Class members are (left to right, front row):A/Cpl.W.Barratt, Cst. W.H.Kelly, Cst.D.W.W. Mascall, A/Cpl. R.L. Crawford, Cst. W.J.Lawrence, A/Cpl.K.A.A. Thivierge, A/Cpl.J.A. Turgeon, A/Cpl. W.D.B. Munton.

      Left to right, center row:A/Cpl.C.F.Deakin, Cst.R.J.Hebert Cst.L.E.Roach, A/Cpl.R.J.Kent, Cst. J.N.Gallagher, Cst. W. Swindell, Cst. J. Batza.

      Left to right, rear row: Patrol Sgt.A.E. Lee, Det.Sgt.J.R.Semple, Det.J.A. Matte, Cst.B.O.Simmonds, Det.J.A.Cavan.

      Photo Source: on loan from Mr. Reg Keatley, Friend of the Force, Calgary Alberta and the Wm. H. Kelly, D/Comm'r. (RTD)., Collection. Ottawa,Ontario Reg12001 Obituary: The Ottawa Citizen. June 10, 2009

      Kelly, William H. Rtd. Deputy-Commissioner, RCMP. Peacefully at the Montfort Hospital on Saturday June 6, 2009.

      Predeceased in 2005 by Nora his beloved wife for 65 years. Bill was born on May 8, 1911 in Wales and came to Canada in 1928.

      In 1933 he joined the RCMP and spent the next six years in various detachments in Saskatchewan. From there he accepted a variety of assignments with the RCMP in Canada and abroad culminating in his appointment as Deputy-Commissioner in 1967, a position he held until his retirement in 1970.

      Along the way he served as the RCMP representative to Interpol (1952-53) and to the NATO Security Committee (1959-1963) acting as Chairman in his final year.

      Bill in his retirement, with the able assistance of Nora, turned his considerable energy to writing many books on policing, on various aspects of the history of the RCMP and two recounting his own experiences while serving in Saskatchewan in the 1930's and during the Second World War in Toronto.

      Enthusiastic supporters of the arts and the community Bill and Nora made many friends and enjoyed a wonderful retirement together.

      Friends may visit at the Central Chapel of Hulse, Playfair & McGarry 315 McLeod Street, Thursday June 11, 2009 from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m.

      A service to celebrate his life will be held in the Chapel on Friday June 12, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. followed by a reception in the McGarry Family Reception Centre.

      Interment Beechwood Cemetary at a later date. In lieu of flowers a donation to the charity of your choice would be appreciated.

      Below: Canadian Police College, Otawa, Class #7 - June 6. 1941 Reg12001

      Photo Source: on loan from Mr. Reg Keatley, Friend of the Force, Calgary Alberta and the Wm. H. Kelly, D/Comm'r. (RTD)., Collection. Ottawa,Ontario

      *Cst. W. H. Kelly - standing, far right, second row.

      To Reg.#12001 Good-bye, old friend.

      Reg.#23685 J.J. Healy

    New: June 9, 2009

    • Vets visit Reg.#33631 'Mike' Buday Memorial:Honour Roll #177

      Dog Master Constable Mike Buday was born at Brooks, Alberta and he joined the Force on October 5, 1976.

      On March 19, 1985 he was killed by a fugitive near Teslin Lake, British Columbia.rcmp crestRIP Reg33631

      Not long ago, Alberta Vet AJH 'Joe' Collinson and some friends visited Mike's Memorial.


      Cst. Buday is buried in his hometown of Brooks, Alberta.

      Cst. Buday's partner Police Service Dog 'Trooper' is buried at the Police Dog Training Centre at Innisfail, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

      Our thanks to you Joe and to your friends for visiting Cst. Mike Buday -- we have lost two memorable RCMP friends and 'Troopers'!

    New: June 8, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#24127 (Rtd) Cpl. Robert Harold Montague died June 5th, 2009 at Wetaskiwin, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

      Cpl. Montague served from 1965 to 1989 in 'K' Div. Cremation is planned for Cpl. Montague with remains to Wetaskiwin Cemetery.

    New: June 7, 2009

    • Request for Information

      Good day Sir,

      I'll try to make this short as possible. I would like some help of searching for a constable of the RCMP in the early 1970's (72-73) His name is (... )(.......), I believe he was working in the Saguenay QC area around 1972.

      Today he would be roughly 65 years old. He would be my biological father, since I was adopted in 1973.

      If you cannot help me because of some privacy act, I understand. So any kind of help would be appreciated. Thank you.

      Benoit Villeneuve

      Buffalo Joe replies:

      Cher Benoit,

      A search of our National deceased database reveals no one by the name which you provided -- and I have not published his name for privacy reasons.. I am sorry that I cannot be of more help.

      However, you may wish to write for more assistance to: The RCMP Commissioner, 1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa, Ontario. K1A OR2

      Yours truly

    New: June 5, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that C/M Harvey D. Winters died June 3rd, 2009 at Truro, N.S.rcmp crestRIP

      CM Winters served 15 years in the C.A.F., then from 1969 to 1981 as ETEC with Truro Telecoms.

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#24485 (Rtd) Sgt James Thomas Kapusa died June 4, 2009 at Peterborough, Ont.rcmp crestRIP

      Sgt. Kapusa served from 1966 to 1996 in 'O' Div.

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#20034 (Rtd) Sgt. Hugh D.E. Godwin died May 28, 2009 at Victoria, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

      Sgt. Goodwin served from 1957 to 1982 in 'F' Div.

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#15899 / O.599 A/Commr Tom Alfred Martin Headrick (Rtd) died June 4, 2009 at Ottawa, Ont.rcmp crestRIP

      A/Comm'r Headrick served from 1949 to 1984 in 'F' 'HQ' 'J' & 'HQ' CDL.

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#16666 Rtd S/S/M George F. Kent died June 4, 2009 at Chilliwack, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

      S/S/M Kent served in the BCPP as Reg.#1067 and then in the Force from 1950 to 1973 in 'E' Div, retiring as Chilliwack Sub-Div. NCO.

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#15238 Rtd Sgt George Lindsay Richardson died May 26, 2009 at Kelowna, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

      Sgt. Richardson served from 1947 to 1967 in 'K' Div.

    New: June 4, 2009

    • Database Renewal

      Technical problems have been overcome so that individual photos of graves can now be integrated into the database and into the individual file of each deceased member.

      Presently, over 300 photos have been included into the database with hundreds more to be uploaded in the coming weeks.

      A hugh thank you to everyone who has sent photos of graves!

      J.J. Healy

    New: June 3, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#21177 (Rtd) S/Sgt Gerald Harvey Colborne died May 30, 2009 at Burlington, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

      S/Sgt. Colborne served from 1959 to 1984 in 'K' 'H' & 'O', then transferred to CSIS.

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#14625 (Rtd) S/Sgt Frank Harry Carron died May 30, 2009 at Ottawa, Ont.rcmp crestRIP

      S/Sgt. Carron served from 1946 to 1966 in 'E' 'K' & 'H' Divs.

    • Search for Grandfather

      Buffalo Joe:

      Hi. My grandfather Alfred Silk was in the Royal Mounted Police way back, perhaps in the 1920\'s, 1930\'s or 1940\'s.

      Can you locate any information on him. He went to Canada in or around 1911/12. He was around 21 years of age then. I am not sure when he became a mounted policeman? Any infromation would be terrific.

      Kind regards

      PS: I will find out his birth date for you.

      Buffalo Joe replies:

      Dear Peter,

      I’m sorry, but we have no record of Alfred Silk in our National Graves Database. I'll continue other avenues to search and you will hear from me again.

      Yours truly
      Joe in Canada

    *A note has been sent to Mr. Silk advising him that our records do not show his grandfather ever serving in the Force.

    New: June 2, 2009

    • Search for Brother: Reg.#27696 Peter Charles Oates

      Buffalo Joe:

      The above noted member is my younger brother. I did a search in the RCMP National Graves database, but there is no grave location in his Profile.

      His sons were going to have his remains brought back from Honduras and grant his last wish, which was to be buried at R.C.M.P. 'Depot' in Regina where he once was an Instructor. He died on May 24, 2005.

      I have lost touch with his sons and would like to visit his grave before I pass away.

      Could you confirm whether or not he is interned at Regina's 'Depot'?

      Thomas "Patrick" Denis Oates

      Buffalo Joe replies:

      Dear Patrick,

      I’m sorry, but we have no record of Peter Oates being buried at 'Depot'...unless the burial was very recent.

      Our records show he is in Honduras.

      I need your help and that of your relatives to confirm that he’s in Honduras.

      Please keep in touch and I’ll help you as best I can. By the way, what was he doing there?

      Yours truly,
      Joe #23685

      Dear Joe;

      Peter was retired and living in Honduras, that's all I know. I will advise you of any news when I receive any.

      Patrick Oates

    New: June 1, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#22888 former Cst Claude V. "Army" Armstrong died June 1, 2009 at Saint John, NB.rcmp crestRIP

      Cst. Armstrong served from 1962 to 1966 in 'J' Div. He was a Life Member of New Brunswick Div. Vets.

    • Reg.#16913 Sgt. James Albert Smith

      Dear Joe;

      I have attached a photo of a good man. Jim [Smith] and his wife Ella ran a little grocery store in Endeavour SK for many years. He is buried in the Rockford Community Cemetery which is about 14 miles west of Endeavour.rcmp crestRIP


      I hope the picture is good. If you wish I could probably take a bit better photo and forward it onto you. Let me know, it would be my honour.


      Kevin Galbraith
      Friend of the Force
      Yorkton, SK

      Buffalo Joe replies:

      Dear Kevin,

      I want you to know that I appreciated your note and that I’ve been able to post Sgt. Smith’s grave stone pic but with your help.

      If you now go to the database and key in his name or Reg. # 16913, you will see his picture. Today as well, I have added your name under the ‘Thanks’ column but you won’t see it until I upload the new pictures. I’ll be doing the new upload later this week. Once again, thank you very much for helping me.

      #23685 (retired) Ottawa

    New: May 29, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Jack White notifies us that Reg.#15477 / O.736 Supt Robert Bruce Gavin (Rtd) died May 28, 2009 at Ottawa.rcmp crestRIP

      Supt. Gavin served from 1948 to 1983 in 'A' 'G' & 'HQ', retiring from Security Service.

    • Regimental Grave Markers
    • Dear Joe,

      My father, Gary Boyd Blake of Golden Lake, Ontario passed away April 29,2009.rcmp crestRIP

      He was a retired member with 28 years service in the Force. I live in Ottawa and I'm trying to track down a contact to get an RCMP grave marker for his cemetary plot in Golden Lake. Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you,
      Ron Blake

      Buffalo Joe replies: I called Mr Blake and provided him with contacts for the purchase of a Regimental Grave Marker.

    New: May 28, 2009

    • A Page From an Infant Force: The NWMP

      "The 1873-1884 men, the "Originals", were a representative crowd. A record of the place of origin of each man is available for 245 of the first 300 men engaged.

      Of this lot 167 were Canadians, 43 hailed from Great Britain, 20 from Ireland, 1 from the Channel Islands, 1 from Jamaica, and 1 from the United States. Europe was represented with 4 men from France, 1 from Germany and 1 from Bohemii.

      The occupations of the 1873 men were just as varied. Of the first 150 recruits 46 described themselves as "Clerks"; 39 had trades; 9 were soldiers by profession, with a like number of farmers ; there were '4 telegraph operators and 2 sailors. The remaining 39 offered a wide variety of experience,including professors,planters, gardeners, students, lumbermen, surveyors and 1 bartender."

      This is A Page from an Infant Force: The North West Mounted Police (NWMP)

      Source: With permission of RCMP. The first edition of The Quarterly, Vol 1 (1), July 1933, p.25

    New: May 26, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Jack White notifies us that Reg.#22737 (Rtd) Sgt. Wayne G. Hankey died May 26, 2009 of an apparent heart attack at Port Coquitlam, B.C. rcmp crestRIP

      Sgt. Hankey served from 1962 to 1997 in 'E' Div.

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18690 (Rtd) Sgt James E. Munro died May 23, 2009 at Spruce Grove, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

      Sgt. Munro served from 1954 to 1979 in 'K' Div.

    New: May 25, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#44770 Sgt Joseph Roger Daniel Cote died May 22, 2009 of cancer at Ottawa, Ontario.rcmp crestRIP

      Sgt. Cote served from 1990 and was posted to 'HQ' at time of his passing.

    New: May 23, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#19994 former 2/Cst Russell Emile Giblak died May 20, 2009 at Edmonton, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

      Cst. Giblak served from 1957 to 1959 in 'E' Div. He is buried at the St.Peter and Paul Russo Orthodox Cemetery in Chahorn, AB.

      His brother, Reg.#20954, Rob Giblak, served at Penticton Detachment.

    New: May 22, 2009

  • *Footprints of the Force

    • Reg.#11462, John Nicholson Cawsey was born on October 23, 1889 in Halifax, NS. He engaged in the RCMP on April 1, 1932.

      Prior to his engagement with the Force, Cawsey was a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (C.E.F.) from July 7, 1915 until February 5, 1916. He joined the Alberta Provincial Police (APP) on February 15, 1917 and remained with the APP until March 31, 1932 when it was absorbed by the Force. His APP Reg.# was 6.

      In 1933 Sgt. Cawsey became interested in the use of dogs in police work. He purchased a German Shephard dog named "Dale" which was trained by Captain Harwich and used him successfully in a number of cases between 1933 and 1935H.

      In 1935, the Force bought the dog and Reg.#11626 Cst. JND Thurston became the first official Dog Master. Sergeant Cawsey meanwhile pioneered the use of police dogs in the Force.

      In 1938, Sgt. Cawsey was appointed In/Charge of the Force's first Dog Training School at Calgary, AB.

      'Dale' was sold the same year to the Force as the first official Police Service Dog (PSD).

      Sgt. Cawley retired on February 13, 1944. He died on March 31, 1964 and he is buried in Union Cemetery, Calgary AB.rcmp crestRIP

      It's from a page in our history!

      All my thanks go out to to Geoff Ott, RCMP History Archives Analyst for his help with the research on Sgt. Cawsey.


    New: May 21, 2009

    • Reg.#2323, Cst. Everett John WARD, NWMP

      Dear Joe;

      I have been doing research on Cst. E J Ward, NWMP. He was from Kentville, NS and was one of the first 19 members that went to the Yukon, under the command of Insp. Constantine.

      I see no reference to this member on your website -- probably because he died years after his discharge from the Force and his family may not have informed the Force of his death.

      Cst. Ward died at Kentville, Nova Scotia on November 3, 1934.rcmp crestRIP

      He is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Main Street, Kentville, NS. I visited his grave on April 26, 2009. His headstone is in excellent condition but the concrete base is badly deteriorated --- to the point that the headstone will likely soon collapse. Reg2323

      It was an experience to stand beside his grave and I thought of the hardships those first members faced when they opened the first post in the Yukon. I also found it to be a sad situation that his grave makes no reference to the NWMPolice?

      Cst. Ward enlisted on August 1, 1889 at Regina and he was discharged June 11, 1894. He re-enlisted August 1, 1895 for an additional 2 years. He was discharged July 31, 1897. His records state that he actually served 2 years plus 289 days

      After leaving the NWMP, he remained in Dawson and joined the Klondike Gold Rush, along with his wife, a sister and 3 brothers. Cst. Ward eventually returned to Kentville with a fortune. He built a huge mansion, 2 commercial stores and at least a dozen houses. Quite a change from a constables salary of .50 cents a day?

      Yours truly,
      Dick Pulsifer
      Friend of the Force
      Nova Scotia

      Dear Mr. Pulsifer

      I begin by thanking you for your research and the photo of Cst. Ward's grave. I also share your sentiments about the difficulties which these early pioneer members or 'infants of the Force' must have faced about the time of Cst. Ward's career.

      I have notified the RCMP Vets in Halifax about the poor condition of the cement base and the need of repairs...I'm confident they will take the necessary action to care for it.

      I hope we remain in touch. Once again, thank you for your kindness to me

      Buffalo Joe

    New: May 20, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18398 (Rtd) S/Sgt J.R.J. Paul Henry Sauve died May 2, 2009 at Laval, Quebec.rcmp crestRIP

      S/Sgt. Sauve served from 1953 to 1980 in 'C' Div.

    New: May 19, 2009

  • *Footprints of the Force

    • In this photo, Reg.#17772 (0.846) Emile Joseph Beaulieu is the member on the left. He was born in Humbolt, SK on December 22, 1930 and he joined the Force in 1952. The photo was taken about 1956 and before he purchased to get married. Reg#17772

      After rejoing the Force, Beaulieu served in 'E', 'O', 'HQ', and 'K' Div. In 1989, he retired as OC Lethbridge Sub/Div. He died in Chilliwack, BC on December 24, 2008. rcmp crestRIP

      Readers can try to identify the other member? Clue: He was a 2/Cst. and i/c of a 6 man Motorcycle Detail, at least that's what it says on a piece of official correspondence held by our mystery member!

    New: May 18, 2009

    • Page From an Infant Force - The North West Mounted Police (NWMP

      This member of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) was born in Ireland in 1846. Prior to joining the NWMP, he served for thirteen years in the Royal Irish Constabulary.

      We know that on July 6, 1874 he served in C Division on the March West under the command of Reg.#O.5 Insp. WINDER and in 1885 he was a Sergeant-Major at the start of the Riel Rebellion.

      Our NWMP member Died While Serving (DWS) on October 24, 1890 in a NWMP hospital.rcmp crestRIP

      He has two Regimental Numbers (#o282B) & Reg.#27.

      His name is S/Sgt. M.J. (Mike) Kirk. He is buried in an unmarked grave in the Mounted Police Cemetery in North Battleford, SK.

      Source and Appreciation: Research kindly provided by Vet Jack White and Mr. Reg. Keatley, Friend of the Force.

    New: May 17, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17713 (Rtd) S/Sgt. William Hugh Dustan died May 14, 2009 at Calgary, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

      S/Sgt. Dustan served from 1952 to 1976 in 'K' 'O' 'HQ' & 'K' Divs.

    • Last Post:

      Vet. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#25666 (Rtd) Cpl. Gary E. Williams died May 7, 2009 of Multiple Slerosis at Surrey, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

      Cpl. Williams served from 1967 to 1999 in 'E' Div.

    New: May 16, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#16526 / O.702 Supt. Donald Neil Brown (Rtd) died May 16, 2009 at Burnaby, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

      Supt. Brown served in the Canadian Army during WWII, then in the BC Provincial Police as Reg.#1149. He also served in the Force from the takeover 1950 to 1976 in 'E' & 'HQ' Crime Detection Laboratories (CDL) as a handwriting expert in Regina & retired as OIC Vancouver CDL.

      Supt. Brown authored a book on the subject of handwriting:"Your Questions but my Answers".

      Three brothers also served in the Force; Reg.# 14239 Cst. P. Brown, Reg,#14923 Cst. K.D. Brown & Reg.#16829 S/Sgt K.C. Brown.

    New: May 15, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#14426 former 3/Cst Chet V. Nordin died May 14, 2009 at Summerland, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

      Cst. Nordin served from 1942 to 1944 in 'D' & 'K' Divs. From 1944 to 1946, he served in the Canadian Army Provost Corps.

    New: May 14, 2009

    • Reg.#9902, Cpl. James Cullen
    • Dear Joe;

      Having recently used your database of former RCMP members, I noted that you did not have the burial place of James Cullen. I have recently obtained a copy of his obituary and his burial place is given as Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Sackville, Halifax. Perhaps you could use this information to update your database?

      "James Cullen, 75, of Halifax, died Saturday at Camp Hill Hospital, after a long illness.rcmp crestRIP

      After joining the Canadian Army, he served overseas during World War One with 64th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force.

      Returning to Halifax, Mr. Cullen joined the RCMP with whom he served for 23 years until his retirement as a corporal in 1946.

      The body is at Cruikshank's Funeral Home, Robie Street, where service will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. Interment will be in Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Sackville."

      Source: Halifax Chronicle-Herald: Monday, 12 September 1966, p. 22

      Yours truly,

      Peter Jenkins

      Dear Peter;

      Thanks for your note which is appreciated. I have added your research on Cpl. Cullen to our databank.

      A tip of the Stetson to Cpl. Cullen!

      Joe #23685

    New: May 13, 2009

    • Footprints of the Force
    • Erik Nielsen, a former deputy prime minister in Brian Mulroney's Conservative government and elder brother of comic Leslie Nielsen, died at his home in Kelowna on September 5, 2008 at age 84.

      Mr. Nielsen's father was Reg.#8098, Cst. Ingvard Everson Nielsen who served from June 25, 1919 to March 31, 1945 (with a break).

      Ingvard E. Nielsen served one year in the 79th Battery, Canadian Expeditionary Force (C.E.F.), World War I. He then joined the RNWMP June 25, 1919 and served briefly in ‘D' Division, Manitoba. He left for the Alberta Provincial Police (APP) returning to the RCMP with the takeover of the APP in 1932. He then served in ‘K' Div., ‘G' Div. Edmonton, Alberta and finally 'H' Div. Nova Scotia. He retired from Halifax as Constable on March 31, 1945.

      Nielsen Residence, Thorhild, Alberta, a former RCMP detachment office was named in honour of Constable Ingvard Eveson Nielsen, RNWMP & RCMP. He had been posted to Thorhild Detachment from 1936 until 1939 and lived in this building. I.E. Neilsen died July 2, 1975 at Fountain Valley, California.rcmp crestRIP

      Thorhild Detachment was closed on June 30th, 1951 and later became a Bed and Breakfast. It is presently a privately owned residence and is locally known as the Nielsen residence.

      Cst. I. Nielsen had three sons; Erik who was a Member of Parliament for 30 years, Leslie, a Hollywood film actor and Gordon a former member of the Vancouver City Police (VCP).

    New: May 12, 2009

    • A Page in Our History
    • Reg.#23100, S/Sgt. J. W. (Jim) Couse was born in Halifax, NS on April 1, 1941. Over the years, Jim was posted to 'L' Div., 'Depot' Div. and 'H' Div. He died in Dartmouth, NS on October 31, 2006 and he is buried in Nova Scotia.rcmp crestRIP

      I knew Jim as a friend in 'L' Div. during the early 1970's as well as in 'Depot' Div where he taught in the Law Unit.

      In 1967, with a score of 190, Jim Couse was the best rifle shot in the Force and was qualified to wear cross rifles surmounted by a five point star!

      It's a Page in our History

      Source: Report of the RCMP: Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 1968. p. 50

    New: May 11, 2009

    • Reg.#10271, W. Corkery & Reg.#12170, W. Le Muesurier

      Dear Joe;

      I was on duty at the Arnprior Archives recently, and as they sort of trace local burials, I was able to find additional info in our Archives.

      Reg.#10271 William Corkery is buried in the Almonte Cemetery in Plot E129, Grave 1217. According to the cemetery index there is an "RCMP Crest" on the stone.rcmp crestRIP

      Reg.#12170 Watson Le Muesurier was the Anglican priest in Galleta, Ontario at the time of his death.rcmp crestRIP

      The obit in the Arnprior paper says that the burial service was local but that the body was shipped to "St. Stephen's Cemetery, Bathurst" for burial.

      There are two Bathursts in Canada. The best known is in N.B.

      The other cemetery is a small village near Perth, Ontario. It is in the Ottawa Anglican Diocese, and my guess is that it is the one, but I cannot be sure.

      I have another one that I am still working on. I will let you know the results later.

      Good Luck with your project!

      Stan Horall,
      RCMP Historian (retired)

    New: May 10, 2009

      Troop#9 67/68 Members:
      Reg.#25866 J.E. Hasiuk and Reg.#25817 J.D.Y. Laperle

      Hi Buffalo Joe,

      Danny McNeill, the ‘J’ Div grave site Coordinator and I were Troopmates of deceased J.E. (John) Hasiuk and J.D.Y.(Yvon) Laperle. Both of our Troopmates died too young and under tragic circumstances.

      John Hasiuk, I believe was from Two Hills east of Edmonton, AB. He died in an accidental house fire in Metchosin BC.rcmp crestRIP

      Our second Troopmate Reg.#25817, Yvon Laperle hurt his back in weight training at ‘Depot’ in 1967. His surgical operations were unsuccessful and he was discharged for medical reasons in 1970.

      Yvon spent so much time in health care facilities that he married one of his nurses! As time passed, his back ache and discomfort never left him. He died in the family home in Brossard, QC.rcmp crestRIP

      I am trying to locate all the other members of Troop #9 1967/68 and they can contact me at: norrisjcr@yahoo.com

      Thanks for your time and take care,

      Reg.#25818 John Norris, (ret).

    New: May 9, 2009

    • Chaplain's Notes

      Dear Joe;


      I have served as Chaplain for the St. Albert Detachment for almost 6 years. I think your site is excellent!

      I reviewed the Chaplain's list and I thought I'd let you know that Chaplain Bob Harper is actually Division Coordinator for both "K" and "V" Divisions.

      On another topic, my father, Allen Gowler was a member, stationed in Prince George and McBride, British Columbia, 1951 to 1955.

      But, I'm curious if there is any record of my great grandfather, Matthew Gowler, who was stationed in the Yukon Territory around 1873 as one of the first members of the North West Mounted Police. I believe he was with the NWMP for only about 5 or so years, possibly less?

      Could you possibly see if you can find any information regarding Matthew Gowler? Greatly appreciated and keep up the excellent work!

      Best Regards,
      Rev. Cyril Matthew Gowler
      St. Albert Detachment,"K" Division

      Buffalo Joe adds:

      Dear Cyril,

      I congratulate you on your ministry work. Years ago, (1960's) we didn't have a Chaplaincy Program so I consider our members lucky to have you on board. I've made sure that Rev. Bob Harper is shown as Coordinator of 'K' Div. and 'V' Div.

      You can read Reg.#2989, Mathew Robinson Gowler's Service File available from Archives Canada. Type in his Reg.#2989 and you can read all 44 pages! Viola!

      Please keep in touch. I'd love to have a Chaplain write a short story about their work.

      Yours truly, Joe

      Dear Joe;

      Thanks so much for the excellent info on my great grandfather, Matthew Gowler!

      It is so appreciated! Thanks for the info you've helped me with.

      Blessings on you Joe! Cyril

    New: May 8, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifes us that Reg.#50233 Cst. Colin Moulton was killed in a motor vehicle accident near Bethune, Saskatchewan on May 6, 2009.

      Cst. Moulton was off duty in his private car. He was crossing Hwy 11, when hit by semi trailer. He was pronounced dead at scene.

      Cst. Moulton served from 2003 and was posted at Craik Det. 'F' Div.rcmp crestRIP

    New: May 7, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifes us that Reg.#19850 (Rtd) Sgt. C.A.K. 'Tony' Beecroft died May 6, 2009 of Parkinson's in Hospice at Maple Ridge, B.C.

      Sgt. Beecroft served from 1957 to 1981 in 'E' Div. He was promoted to Cpl. circa 1968 and served as a Shift Supervisor at Haney Detachment. He was a great friend and a mentor to many junior members including me. I will remember him.

      After retirement, Tony went on to the Coroner's Service.rcmp crestRIP

    New: May 6, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifes us that Reg.#49108 Cst. James Lundblad, Camrose Det 'K' Div, was killed on duty May 5, 2009 on Hwy 2A near Millet, Alberta.

      Cst. Lundblad's police car was struck by a grain truck as he was making a U Turn to pursue an offending vehicle. He had served from 2001 in 'K' Div.rcmp crestRIP

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifes us that Reg.#17636 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Robert Warren Frank McTavish, of Red Deer, died May 5, 2009 at Edmonton, Alberta. S/Sgt.McTavish served from 1952 to 1987 in 'K' Div.rcmp crestRIP

    New: May 5, 2009

    • Reg.#11299 D.W.W. (David) Mascall

      Hi Joe:

      A correction is required on Reg.#11299 David Mascall as his body was supposedly donated to the University of Toronto Medical School.

      St. James Cemetery 635 Parliament St. Toronto have a University of Toronto monument dedicated to those who provide their bodies for medical research. Once each year, the remains of those bodies are buried beside the monument.

      Last Friday when we were visiting St. James, I asked if they could tell me if Mascall's remains had been placed at the monument. It turns out for some reason, his body was either not donated or not accepted by the University.

      Mascall had a full casket burial and lies beside his wife at St. James and is in Section J, Lot 267. There is a non-RCMP flat granite marker on the grave.

      Please amend your database accordingly.

      Jack O'Reilly
      Toronto Vets

      Dear Jack;

      We may never know the origins of the story behind Mascall's remains begin donated to U of T, but you've solved another one and we now know where he actually is buried. Thanks again!


    New: May 4, 2009

    • Reg.#25649,S/Sgt J.G.G.(Buzz) Bussieres

      Howdy Joe;

      I have attached a photo of the tombstone of Reg.#25649 S/Sgt J.G.G.(Buzz) Bussieres.rcmp crestRIP

      His grave is located in St-Leonard, Madawaska County, New-Brunswick. The GPS coordinates are N 47' 10.156" W 67' 55.812"

      Thanks and congratulations on the good work!

      Larry Jalbert,
      Reg.#22021, Sgt.

    New: May 3, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifes us that Reg.#19109 (Rtd) S/Sgt John Robert Emmett died April 28, 2009 at Summerside, P.E.I.

      S/Sgt. Emmett served from 1942 to 1945 in the RCNVR, then in the Force in Marine Div. from 1946 to 1970 in 'B' 'C' 'O' & 'H' Divs.

      Cremation and funeral at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Halifax, NS.rcmp crestRIP

    New: May 2, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifes us that Reg.#26703 / O.1594 Insp. Bruce F. Bowman (Rtd) died April 29th, 2009 of a brain aneurysm at Sydney, B.C.

      Insp. Bowman served from 1968 to 2000 in 'E' 'HQ' 'A' & 'HQ' including a six month tour in Namibia with the 'HQ' International Training Branch. He was married to Reg.#33419 Rosemary Backus, sister of Kamloops Vet Peter Backus.rcmp crestRIP

    New: May 1, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifes us that Reg.#13923 / O.569 Supt. Lief Eyolfur Lloyd Erickson (Rtd) died April 28, 2009 at Victoria, B.C.

      Supt. Erickson served from 1941 to 1976 in 'K' 'HQ' 'G' & 'H' Divs.rcmp crestRIP

    New: April 30, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifes us that Reg.#17653 former Cst. Albert Francis Pearce died April 24, 2009 at Calgary, AB. He served from 1952 to 1960 in 'J' & 'HQ' Div.

      Cst. Pearce left the Force to attend law school and afterwards he represented the bar in Calgary, AB.rcmp crestRIP

    • Last Post:

      Ottawa Vets notify us that Reg.#16106, Gary 'GB' Boyd Blake, died April 29, 2009 in Ottawa. He served the Force from 1950 to 1978 in 'E' & 'HQ' Div. retiring from Security Service.

      S/Sgt. Blake continued his career as an Investigator with Consumer and Corporate Affairs and retired as Assistant Director to the Privacy Commissioner.

      'GB' was in his 80th year. rcmp crestRIP

    New: April 29, 2009

    • A Page in Our History
    • Reg.#8650, Cpl. Frederick Clifford Simpson was born on April 13, 1895 at Bear River, NS. He enlisted in WWI and he served for three years with the C.E.F. and over one year with the R.A.F.

      Cpl. Simpson joined the RNWMP on August 14, 1919 at Toronto, ON and he served at Regina, SK and Rockcliffe, ON. He was granted a free discharge on June 21, 1922.

      Cpl. Simpson died 45 years ago today. It is believed that he is buried in Allen Park, Michigan, USA.rcmp crestRIP

      It's a Page in Our History.

      Source: The Quarterly. V30, 1. July, 1964

    New: April 28, 2009

    • Survey of Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, ON
    • We thank Sister Anna Clare, retired teacher and Friend of the Force in Ottawa for providing a list of seventeen Vets all buried in Notre Dame Cemetery.

      Sr. Anna Clare's father was Reg.#10800 William Joseph Berrigan who is among those Vet buried in Notre Dame.rcmp crestRIP

    New: April 27, 2009

  • *Footprints of the Force

  • Reg.#9597, Cst. W. R. Stephens
    Reg.#7766, Cst. V. Maisonneuve

      Hello Joe:

      Last week I met Mr. Gerard Robert from Montreal, QC. He has traveled all over the north. He also had been on a Russian Cruise Ship and it had stopped at Dundas Harbour in northern Nunavut. Mr. Robert told me that there is an old Detachment there and there are two graves up on the hill behind the old Detachment.Dundas Bay Det.

      I showed Mr. Robert your website and he would be pleased if you could use his photo's. They are attached.Dundas Bay Det.

      The grave on the left is Reg.#9597 Constable William Robert Stephens. He was born in 1902 and he died on August 26, 1927.rcmp crestRIP

      The grave on the right is Reg.#7766 Constable Victor Maisonneuve. He was born in 1899 and he died on June 16, 1926.rcmp crestRIP

      I have checked each of the Reg.# on your website and they are both listed.


      Pete Garvey
      Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut

      Buffalo Joe adds:

      Dear Pete;

      Please thank Mr. Robert for his photos and I will gladly add them.

      I appreciate his thoughtfulness very, very much. And, my thanks to you for also keeping in touch and for all of your contributions which you have kindly sent to me.

      Yours truly,


    New: April 26, 2009

  • *Footprints of the Force

    • Reg.#4766, C. D. (Denny) LaNauze joined the RNWMP on September 25, 1908. He served at several Detachments in the West before being selected as a member of the King George V Contingent to London in 1911.

      By 1914, he had attained the rank of Sergeant and later in the same year he received his commission to Inspector. He was less than 26 years of age.

      Inspector LaNauze was promoted through the Officer ranks and he retired as an Assistant Commissioner on April 1, 1944. He died at Gothenburg, Sweden, on June 13, 1952,rcmp crestRIP

      His father was Reg.#419 Sgt.Thomas LaNauze.rcmp crestRIP

      Source: The Quarterly, October, 1952.

    New: April 25, 2009

    • Last Post:

      Vet Jack White notifes us that Reg.#17606 (Rtd) S/Sgt Lyndon Alex "Stretch" McLean died on April 23, 2009 at Chilliwack, B.C.

      S/Sgt. McLean served from 1952 to 1991 in 'E' Div.rcmp crestRIP

    New: April 24, 2009

    New: April 23, 2009

    • Reg.#15306 Robert David Van Norman
    • Dear Joe;

      David Van Norman was born in Hamiota MB on April 2, 1928 and he joined the Force May 22, 1947. He retired as a Sgt. on Oct 23, 1964.

      Sgt. Van Norman died April 28, 1988 and he is buried in Brandon MB - Rosewood Memorial Gardens. He was awarded the Queen's Coronation Medal for service with the Eskimos in the Arctic.rcmp crestRIP

      Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.

      Yours truly,
      Reg.#22593 J.M. (Jack) Van Norman

    • 'Our Canada' - Publicity for Graves Website
    • A short article and a few photos on the RCMP Graves Inspection and Maintenance Program has been submitted to the bimonthy Canadian magazine 'Our Canada' which is published in Montreal, QC.

      Let's hope it gets published!

      As time goes on, I hope that the website will be a well researched legacy certainly for the Members of the Force, but also indeed for all Canadians – and communities of other nations around the world who are interested in the RCMP.

    New: April 22, 2009

    • Last Post
    • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18155 (former) Cst. John Patrick Woodford died April 18, 2009 at Bedford, N.S.

      Cst. Woodford served from 1953 to 1955.rcmp crestRIP

    • Last Post
    • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18083 (Rtd) S/Sgt Charles Stanley Balik died April 19, 2009 at Ottawa, Ont.

      S/Sgt. Balik served from 1953 to 1985 in 'HQ' 'Band' 'D' & 'HQ'. His burial will take place at the National RCMP Memorial Cemetery at Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, ON.rcmp crestRIP

    • Survey of NWMP Maple Creek Cemetery, Maple Creek, SK
    • Again, we thank Mr. Reg. Keatley, Friend of the Force for surveying and listing all the Force graves in Maple Creek Barracks Cemetery, Maple Creek, SK.

      Mr. Keatley listed a total of 8 graves in Maple Creek Cemetery; one belongs to Scout Louis Lavallie and another to Interpreter Joe McKay.

      The remaining six graves are mostly of young NWMP members who died of sickness such as malaria.

      An additional 6 graves are also located in Maple Creek Cemetery. One is a child of Q.M.S. Harper and the remaining five are of civilians.rcmp crestRIP

    New: April 21 2009

    • Montreal RCMP Veterans Association

    • Good morning Joe,

      I’m attaching a message that I received from Christine Demon who works for Veterans Affairs Canada in Montreal. She looks after the Canadian Veterans gravesites.

      I met her at our April 14th meeting in Montreal. She seems to have some info on our RCMP graves and is asking if the RCMP has the responsibility for looking after these gravesites? Since you are the expert, I am forwarding the message to you.

      I checked the your graves database. Reg.#10826 Constable Joseph Larente died February 25, 1935 at age 37 and he not seem to be listed.

      I find it interesting that Jack White’s DB does list a Reg.#10826 Larente J.H. who joined the Force in 1930 is listed as having died while serving in 1934 (the stone says 25 feb 1935)

      You may respond directly with her or through me, as you wish.

      Jean Martin
      Montreal RCMP Veterans Association

      Dear Jean;

      Thank you!

      I'll call Christine Demon and I'll also be in touch with you soon so that we can collaborate on the 'C' Div. Graves Inspection Program.

      Yours truly


    • *Blessing to Deceased Members from Papal Nuncio

    • OttawaNuncio

    New: April 20, 2009

    • *Bibliography of the Force

    • In his book Policing the Plains author R.G. MacBeth provides the reason why Lieutenant-Colonel Osborne Smith is considered the first Commissioner of the Force.

      Briefly, MacBeth says: "It is not generally known that Colonel Osborne Smith, who had seen service in the Crimea and the Fenian Raid in 1866, was really appointed Commissioner of the Police so as to give him full authority until a successor was invested with the command". p. 39.

      Source: Policing the Plains: Being the Real-Life Record of the Famous Royal North-West Mounted Police. MacBeth, R. G. Hodder and Stoughton Ltd. London. (No date of publication). p. 39.

      (On personal loan to me by the family of deceased Commissioner L. H. Nicholson, M.B.E.)

    New: April 19, 2009

    • *Footprints of the Force

    • George Cutting

      The photo opposite right shows retired Vet. Reg.#10980 George Cutting standing at the grave of his father, Reg.#3149 Percy Cutting.

      This valuable snap was taken recently by Vet. Reg.#18047 AJH 'Joe' Collinson who accompanied George Cutting to the Beechmount Cemetery, Edmonton, AB.

      Sgt. Percy Cutting was born in 1873. He joined the NWMP on September 15, 1896 and he served in 'K', 'M' & 'F' Div. He retired from Swift Current Det. and the RNWMP on March 31, 1924. Sgt. Cutting died on August 14, 1962 and he is buried at Beechmount Cemetery, Edmonton, ABrcmp crestRIP

      Reg.#10980, Sgt. George A. Cutting led an illustrious and colourful career in the RCMP beginning in 1931. For many years, he was a 'Rough Rider' or Riding Instructor at 'Depot' Div.

      I had the memorable opportunity to meet and speak with George Cutting at the Kelowna AGM and if I recall it was retired S/M Harry Armstrong who said "George Cutting was one of the finest horsemen I'd ever seen!'

      Sgt. George Cutting retired from the Force in 1958.

      *My thanks and appreciation to Vet. Joe Collinson for his collection of photos as well as to Vet Jack White for providing access to his historical files. Thank you!

      Addendum: After posting today's *Footprints of the Force, this note was received from Edmonton Vet. Joe Collinson.

      Joe Collinson says: "I would have added a couple more vignette's on George [Cutting]. He is one of very few (count them on your hands) remaining members of No.1 Canadian Provost and he is an original member of the Company (not a reinforcement).

      He is also one of very few (I assume) remaining members of Canadian Forces who landed in France before France fell in 1940".

      Buffalo Joe quips: "Now we're talking Force history and our affection goes out to a well worth remembering friend -- Vet. George Cutting!"

    New: April 18, 2009

    • Last Post
    • Vet Jack White notified us that Reg.#15889 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Robert Kenneth Burke died Apr 14, 2009 at Calgary, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

      S/Sgt. Burke served from 1949 to 1973 in 'K' 'N' 'P' & 'Depot' Div.

    • The Hudson's Bay Company

      The Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) which played such an important commercial role and the settling of early day Canada was born in the year 1670. For many, many years of early colonization traders, Aboriginals, settlers as well as the North West Mounted Police depended upon the services provided by the HBC.

      This year, HBC celebrates its 339th birthday!

      Happy Birthday HBC!

    New: April 17, 2009

    • Read: RCMP Sgt. Gavin Nash's Ardrous Patrol to Fort Fullerton Click this page.

    • Last Post
    • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#16097 3/Cst Bert MAGYER who served from May 9, 1950 December 28, 1950 then purchased died on June 1, 2006 at Turin, Alberta.rcmp crestRIP

      *Footprints of the Force

      Reg.#2236, S/M Walter Wrixton DeRossiter, NWMP was born on January 24, 1868. He joined the NWMP on December 17, 1888.

      in 1897, Sgt. DeRossiter was a member of the Diamond Jubilee Contingent to England, and shortly afterwards (1900 to 1901) he joined the Natal Field Force, South Africa.

      Upon returning to Canada from Africa, DeRossiter joined the Moose Jaw City Police and served from 1911 to 1914.

      At the outbreak of WWI, Lieutenant DeRossiter joined the 42nd Battalion Royal Highlanders and was sent overseas. On December 10, 1917, Lieutenant DeRossiter committed suicide with a gun shot to the head.

      Lieutenant and former Sergeant-Major W.W. DeRossiter died while serving Canada.rcmp crestRIP

      He is buried in the Aubigny Community Cemetery,Aubigny En Artois, France.

      Research source: From personal letters received from Mr. Reg. Keatley, Friend of the Force, Calgary, AB and the History Files of Vet Jack White. Thank you!

    New: April 16, 2009

    • 'H' Div. (Nova Scotia) Graves Research
    • The following list of deceased members and their final resting place in 'H' Div. Holy Cross Cemetery was kindly sent in by Toronto Vet Jack O'Reilly.

      Jack explains;

      "I could never find an obituary for Toronto Vet Reg.#14547 R.W. MacNeil who died at Toronto in 1987. I recently stumbled across his wife Vera's obit, so I called the funeral home and found that both MacNeil's are buried in Section B, Lot 17B Grave D 6&7 at Holy Cross Cemetery, Johnson Rd., North Sydney, Cape Breton, NS.rcmp crestRIP

      Their records show two markers on the grave: Flat marker shows: 14547 S/Sgt Roderick Wm MacNeill RCMP June 8/23 - May 10/87

      Most of Holy Cross Cemetery has been transcribed by the local genealogy society and the inscriptions are "on line". (but no photos)

      In Holy Cross Cemetery, I also noticed:

      Reg.# 12195 MacIntosh (Cemetery record shows spelling of McIntosh) Section B, Lot 38, Grave 6&7. The headstone shows 'McIntosh', Cpl James 1897-1982 RCMP 1932-1953 RCMP records show him as 'MacIntosh'.rcmp crestRIP

      We might be embarking on another 'MacIntosh Spelling Mystery'?

      Also in Holy Cross Cemetery are:

      Reg.# 11392 McKinnon - no RCMP reference on markerrcmp crestRIP

      Reg.#21539 Shebib - Section E, "Shebib Husband Gerald F. 1940-1990 RCMP"rcmp crestRIP

      Note:Jack White's History file also shows Reg.#12198 Ryan is buried in Holy Cross but I didn't notice his name on the Cemetery list.rcmp crestRIP

      Reg.#12198 Ryan, William David Fleming. Joe, you have him on you database but you show his Reg.#12325. So, you have two Ryan's with Reg.#12325

      Reg.#12325 is Cpl Cyril John Stephen Ryan who is buried in PEI which your database accurately indicates.rcmp crestRIP

      PS: I don't think 'H' Div. Nova Scotia Vets ever did decide to share their Grave Visit List with you, so I am copying this information about Holy Cross Cemetery to Peter Ineson in the event they don't have these names on their list".

      Jack O'Reilly

      Once again Jack, thanks a million for this work!

      Buffalo Joe adds:

      I continue to hope that 'H' Div. Vets Executive will appreciate all the efforts which other Associations are contributing to this National Vets Graves Program. Perhaps they will appeal to their CO to 'cut me some slack' and use his or her discretion thus allowing us access to their Graves List and photos.

    New: April 15, 2009

      *Footprints of the Force

      Reg.#5945 Cst. Thomas George Bavin, RNWMP was born in 1892. At the outset of WWI, he joined the Lord Strathcona's Horse Regiment and given Trooper Reg. # 551107.

      Trooper Bavin was killed in action (KIA) in France on December 1, 1917. His body was never recovered, however, his name is inscribed on the Vimy War Memorial, northern France near the Belgian border.rcmp crestRIP

      Research credit: Mr. Reg. Keatley, Calgary, Alberta

    • Survey of Union Cemetery, Fort MacLeod, AB
    • We thank Mr. Reg. Keatley, Friend of the Force for surveying and listing all the Force graves in Union Cemetery, Fort MacLeod, AB.

      Mr. Keatley listed 41 graves in Union Cemetery most of which are former NWMP members.

      Sadly, some of this early pioneer NWMP members died of violent means, some died naturally while others died of sickness.rcmp crestRIP

      *Footprints of the Force

      One of the earliest and best known characters in the NWMP was scout Jerry Potts. He lies in Row 5, # 35 at Union Cemetery, Fort MacLeod!rcmp crestRIP

      The names of these deceased have been recently entered into the Vets National Graves database.

      Our appreciation goes out to Mr. Reg. Keatley for his ongoing support!

    New: April 14, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#20852 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Willy Seidelin Olsen died April 13, 2009 at White Rock, BC. S/Sgt. Olsen served from 1959 to 1989 in 'F' Div.rcmp crestRIP

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#30060 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Michael Lysyk died April 13, 2009 at Surrey, BC. S/Sgt. Lysyk served from 1972 to 2000 in 'E' Div. rcmp crestRIP

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17295 (Rtd) Sgt Wayne Allan Bisaillon died April 10, 2009 at Ottawa, Ont. Sgt. Bisaillon served from 1951 to 1971 in 'C' & 'HQ'.rcmp crestRIP

      There were no details about a funeral service for Sgt. Bisaillon in the obit of the April 13, 2009 Ottawa Citizen.

    • Read: Our Memorial to Reg.#6177 Cpl. Leonard V. Ralls
    • Click this page.

    New: April 13, 2009

    • To whom are you related?
    • This tid-bit was received by Vet Jack O'Reilly in Toronto.

      Jack says: "I was watching 'Blues Brother' Dan Aykroyd on TV the other day and he said that his grandfather on his mother's side, had been a member of the RCMP!"

      Dan talked about Sgt. Ed Gougeon (his mother's maiden name) who served 30 years in the RCMP before becomimg a Commissionaire at RCMP 'HQ'.

      *Thanks Jack for this entry and for all your contributions!

      Note Reg.#9855 Sgt. Edouard Joseph Benjamin Gougeon was born on May 25, 1895. He passed away on September 25, 1975 and he's buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa.rcmp crestRIP

    • Read: The Mystery of the Misspelled Member
    • Click this page.

    New: April 12, 2009

    • Read: The Mystery of the Golden Gumshoe Graves
    • Click this page.

    • Read: The Mystery of the Bell Bloke in Breeches
    • Click this page.

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#20740(Rtd) Sgt. Eric GREEN died April 11, 2009 at Trail, B.C.

      Sgt. Green served from 1959 to 1980 in 'F' Div.rcmp crestRIP

      From 1993 to 2006 he operated a MacDonald's at Trail when it was then turned over to his son.

    New: April 11, 2009

    • Grave site of Reg.#19899 M.A. Caverly -'E' Division Melville Caverly

      Dear Joe;

      I found Melville Arthur Caverly's grave in St. Mary's Cemetery, Sardis, BC. - Southwest section. I inspected it on April 7, 2009 and it's in very good condition.rcmp crestRIP

      I'm still trying to pinpoint any other Chilliwack stones.

      Keep up the great work!

      Kindest regards,
      Bernard Filiatrault
      Son of Reg.#18663, S/Sgt. George Robert Filiatrault

    New: April 10, 2009

    • Survey of St. Mary's, Burnsland & Queen's Park Cemeteries, Calgary, AB
    • Many, many thanks to Mr. Reg. Keatley, Friend of the Force for surveying and listing all the Force graves in St. Mary's, Burnsland & Queen's Park Cemeteries, Calgary, AB.

      Mr. Keatley identified 2 graves in St. Mary's, 13 graves in Burnsland and 22 graves in Queen's Park Cemetery of former NWMP, RNWMP and RCMP members.rcmp crestRIP

      The names have been recently entered into the Vets National Graves database.

      Once again, our appreciation goes out to Mr. Reg. Keatley!

    New: April 9, 2009

    • Last Post
    • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18233(Rtd) S/Sgt J.E.L. "Jack" O'Hara died April 8, 2009 of heart failure at Peterborough, Ont.

      S/Sgt. O'Hara served from 1953 to 1979 in 'A' 'K' 'E' & 'O' Divs. He retired as D.S.R.R. and later he became a Life Member of Toronto Div. Vets.rcmp crestRIP

    • Flashback - Reg.#18699 & 0.760, C/Supt. J.E.A. Yelle Sid Yelle

      Ottawa Vet Bernie Gagnon has begun his annual inspections of graves. He sent in this photo of deceased J.E.A. Yelle's grave. My mind flashed back some 30 years ago.

      I met 'Sid' Yelle only once during a VIP visit in Ottawa about 1976. At that time, he was the Inspector in charge of a large African delegation to Canada and I was a Corporal assigned as a driver. He was very tall, impressive and very smartly dressed in plain clothes. He was easily identified by his thick, black rimmed glasses.

      After the VIP delegation had entered the Prime Minister's Residence at 24 Sussex, Dr., Insp. Yelle came over to the unmarked police car in which I was sitting. He sat down in the passenger's seat and introduced himself. Then he started a casual conversation with me about our VIP duties and especially the places my career had taken me. He seemed genuinely interested in me as well as the other members on the VIP Squad.

      I learned later that he too had been invited into the PM's house for refreshments but he had declined. Instead, he chose to sit in the heat of the afternoon with his Detail.

      As a very junior member, Insp. Yelle impressed me as a considerate and thoughtful Officer. His professional manner has remained with me. He died November 27, 2007.

      As it turned out, everyone who knew 'Sid' Yelle would call him a true gentleman!rcmp crestRIP

    New: April 8, 2009

    • Last Post
    • Vet Jack White notified us that Reg.#55987 Cst. M.J. Marcel COTE died April 2, 2009 at St Georges, Quebec.

      Cst. Cote served from 2008 in 'C' Div and he was posted to Beauce-Amiante Det at time of his passing.rcmp crestRIP

    • Survey of Union Cemetery, Calgary, AB

      Many, many thanks to Mr. Reg. Keatley, Friend of the Force for surveying and listing all the Force graves in the Union Cemetery, Calgary, AB.

      Mr. Keatley identified 98 graves of former NWMP, RNWMP and RCMP members. They have been recently entered into the National Graves database.

      Once again, our appreciation is extended to Mr. Reg. Keatley!

    New: April 7, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that a member died April 2, 2009 at Biggar, SK

      This special person served the Force from 1932 to 1955 in 'N' 'E' 'N' & 'F' Divs. In his last years of service, he was a Dogmaster.

      In 1935 he was one of the background riders in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie "Rose Marie" which was partially filmed in the Lynn Canyon area of North Vancouver, BC. He was life member Saskatoon Vets.

      His name: Reg.#11879 (Rtd) Cpl Bruce Henderson McLaren.rcmp crestRIP

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#11195(Rtd) Sgt Ivor Arthur Mast died April 3, 2009 at Richmond, B.C.

      Sgt. Mast served from 1931 to 1955 in 'A' 'G' 'Depot' & 'M' Divs retiring as i/c Mayo Detachment. He was then employed by Prospector's Airways at Whitehorse.

      The "Mast House", 209 Eliot St., Whitehorse [where he lived from 1961 to 1985] is now a heritage house and named for him. He was Life Member of Vancouver Div. Vets.rcmp crestRIP

    New: April 6, 2009

    • Unique Photo Collection of Edmonton NWMP & RCMP Graves

      Dear Joe:

      I heard you were also collecting pictures of gravestones for the National Database.

      Recently, I was out in Beechmount Cemetery in Edmonton with George Cutting and we went to the RCMP plot. I took these pictures for you.

      Here's the list of deceased members (photos of graves stones to appear soon):

      Reg.#9778, MacGregor, Wm. B.
      Reg.#8069, Christensen, Harry, J.
      Reg.#11347, Hanna, Wm. H.A.
      Reg.#10288, Pooke, Jos, W.
      Reg.#S/1170, S/Cst. Smith, Rosyln Stanley
      Reg.#11054, Adams, Henry John
      Reg.#6721, Warren, Harold Ross
      Reg.#12679, Wilson, John Laught
      Reg.10189, Mighail, Dennis Charles
      Reg.#3149, Cutting, Percy (Note--Jack White's history shows Percy as being buried in Fort Macleod, however, his remains are now in this Edmonton cemetery)
      Reg. #10980 George Cutting standing beside his father's grave Reg.#3149 Sgt. Percy Cutting.rcmp crestRIP

      Yours truly,
      Vet AJH "Joe" Collinson

      Dear Joe;

      This collection of photos is wonderful and very, very meaningful.  Thank you!

      Thank you also for each contribution which you have made to the Graves Program!

      It's a pleasure to add these very historical snaps to the database.

      I had the pleasure of meeting history in the name of George Cutting at the Kelowna AGM. Please give him my best regards also!

      Yours truly,


    New: April 5, 2009

    • The Mystery of the Golden Gumshoe Graves - Two or Three?

      A grave and intriguing story by Toronto Vet Alex Popovic and Kamloops Vet Jack White.

      Coming Soon...Click this page.

    New: April 4, 2009

    • Grave Data Offered for NWMP Reg.#395 Cst. A. Wyndham

      Hi Joe:

      I'm a retired member and I've been to NWMP ex-cst. A. Wyndham's grave.rcmp crestRIP

      It's in Okotoks, AB but I'll have to wait till the snow disappears before I can photo it. As I recall, it has a surface stone. Stand-by and I'll get the photo and send it off with some other info I have on him.

      Vet Floyd Rogers
      Reg.# 24578

      Thanks very much Floyd for your note and I'll await your photo.

      Vet Jack White adds this: Reg.#395 Cst. A. Wyndham joined the NWMP on June 9, 1879 and he served until December 11, 1890. Cst. Wyndham died on January 29, 1949.rcmp crestRIP

    New: April 3, 2009

    • Missing Member of Long Ago

      Hi Joe:

      I am a retired member living in Nanaimo,B.C. Many years ago I had an uncle in the Force by the name of Percy Phillip Graves. As far as I can remember, he spent most of his service in Manitoba and retired I believed with the rank of S/Sgt.

      He is buried in Rossburn Cemetery located at Rossburn, Manitoba, his grave marker reads Percy Phillip Graves 1898 to 1973.rcmp crestRIP

      I don’t see his name in the database so I thought I would send this info to you. You can contact me at E-mail: stittar@shaw.ca

      Yours truly,
      Bob Stitt

      Buffalo Joe replies;

      Dear Bob,

      You're right, I missed your uncle's name. Your reminder highlites how much we need the input of other Vets and families to complete the database files. With the help of Vet Jack White, I was able to learn that Reg.#9257 Percy Phillip Graves joined the NWMP on April 20, 1903 and was SOS (struck off strength) on August 8, 1947.

      He served in 'K', 'E', & 'D' Div. Any other details of his career including death and burial place would be appreciated.

      All the details of your uncle have been added to the National Graves Database.

      Yours truly,

    New: April 2, 2009

    • Repairs Required to Grave Site

      This note was received from Jerry McCarty. jmccarty@pioneer-group.ca

      Dear Joe,

      I had an inquiry from a fellow that I went to school with, about a gravesite of an ex-member, that is located in Vegreville, Alberta, that seems to require some repair.

      I don’t know a lot of other info, but this fellow was inquiring if there is anything in place for such things or who this could be directed to.

      Any help you can provide, I will pass on to him.


      Jerry S. McCarty, Land Agent
      Pioneer Professional Services Group

      Buffalo Joe replies:

      Dear Jerry,

      Thanks very much for your note although I’m sad to know that one of our graves might require some upkeep. I believe the duty of grave inspections and repairs will be of interest to our ‘K’ Div Vets.

      Please contact our Edmonton Division, RCMP Veterans’ Association
      11140-109 Street, Edmonton, AB T5G 2T4, Phone #:780-412-5572
      The President is: Doug Langevin and the Vice President is Jim Medley

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#19724 (Rtd) S/Sgt Garnet M. McGINLEY died March 28, 2009 at Saskatoon, Sask. S/Sgt. McGinley served from 1957 to 1982 in 'F' Div.rcmp crestRIP

      His son, Reg.#45428 Cpl. Mike McGinley, is currently serving in 'K' Div.

    New: April 1, 2009

    • Researching Grave of Troopmate Reg.#21395 A.B. Mackenzie

      Reg.#21392 Richard M. Dundas has heard from Reg. #21408 Al Conrod (Rtd NL) that their Troopmate AB MacKenzie is buried in Alberta and not in PEI as originally believed.

      Troopmates will check with AB Vital Statistics Branch and determine location of burial, year, month and day of Mackenzie's death.

      Troop 54/1960 is pursuing this matter to bring closure on a deceased Troopmate. It also assists National rcmpgraves.com in concluding a file of a deceased member.

    New: March 30, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#18305 (Rtd) S/Sgt Ted Batychi died today at Calgary, Alberta.

      S/Sgt. Batychi served from 1953 to 1989 in 'E' Div, retiring from Kelowna Det. Ted was well known and respected in the local area having filled such positions as: i/c Sicamous Det, i/c Lillooet Det, Kamloops Section NCO, Victoria S/Div NCO and Watch Commander Kelowna Det.rcmp crestRIP

    New: March 27, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White alerts us that Reg.#20380 (Rtd) S/Sgt Walter Glover died March 19, 2009 at Peace River, Alberta.

      S/Sgt.Glover served from 1958 to 1988 in 'K' Div.rcmp crestRIP

    New: March 26, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#21920 former Cst. J.D.L. George Blanchette died March 6, 2009 at Quebec City, Quebec.

      Cst. Blanchette served from 1961 to 1966 in 'C' Div.rcmp crestRIP

    New: March 25, 2009

    • Vet of the Month
    • Read our Vet of the Month story otherwise known as 'The Mystery of the Misspelled Member!'

      Go to Vet's Corner and scroll down to 'RCMP Vet of the Month'

    New: March 24, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17131 (Rtd) Sgt Gerald Andre KUMITCH died Jan 19, 2009 in palliative care, Nanaimo, B.C.

      Sgt. Kumitch served from 1951 to 1975 in 'D' Div, then a further 20 years as the personnel manager for Carnation Foods at Carberry, Manitoba. In 1995 he retired to Parksville, B.C.rcmp crestRIP

    New: March 23, 2009

    • In a Family Way
    • Hi Joe;
      "...Our oldest son Dereck (Reg.#56863) graduated from 'Depot' on December 11, 2008. I was there to present him with his badge and I had a great time reconnecting with my 'Depot' roots.

      You've done a great job with the graves website. Your interest and energy in this is another awesome example of the dedication and loyalty which makes the Force such a special organization. Keep up the good work..."!

      Vet Mel Carter
      Reg.# 31077

    New: March 21, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#21990 / O.980 Insp J.P. Pierre LAMARRE (Rtd) died March 15, 2009 at Regentigny, Quebec.

      Insp. Lamarre served from 1961 to 1986 in 'C' & 'HQ'.rcmp crestRIP

    New: March 19, 2009

    • Grave Found - Reg.#15738 Harry Donald Alexander Pringle

      Ken Mitchell (legvet@shaw.ca) discovers that Reg.#15738 Harry Donald Alexander Pringle is buried in the old Banff, Alberta grave yard. The headstone indicates his rank as S/Sgt at time of death. S/Sgt. Pringle was born May 9 1929 and died March 7, 2000.rcmp crestRIP

      Thanks Ken!

    March 18, 2009

    • Last Post

      Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17075 / O.924 Insp. Raymond H. WHEADON (Rtd) died March 17, 2009 at Victoria, B.C. Ray served from 1951 to 1985 in 'D' 'HQ' 'G' 'Depot' & 'E' Divs, retiring from Staffing at Victoria.rcmp crestRIP

    New: March 17, 2009

      Alan McLauchlan (mclauchlan@xplornet.com) notifies us that Reg.#20217 Mike Snihor is buried in Thompson, MB.rcmp crestRIP

      Al says that Mike's wife Ann and son Blaine still live in Thompson. I'll get a photo the next time I am in that City.

      Thanks to you Al!

    New: March 14, 2009

    • A Slice of NWMP History: The South African War, 1899-1902
      (With permission: From history files of the RCMP)

      Whom the gods favor die young. Plautus

      Listed here are but three members of the NWMP who died in South Africa during the war:

      Reg.#0.74, Thomas W. Chalmers, served in the NWMP as an Inspector from 1886 to 1893; served in the Canadian Mounted Rifles (CMR); was killed in action near Belfast, South Africa on Nov. 2, 1900.rcmp crestRIP

      Reg.#3380, Harry H. Clements, served in the NWMP from 1899 to 1900; served in the CMR; died of fever in Springfontein on May 25, 1900 (Information at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission suggests that he is buried in Grave 49, Springfontein, South Africa)rcmp crestRIP

      Reg.#3369, Richard Lett, served with the NWMP 1899-1900; served in the CMR; died of fever at Pretoria on July 21, 1900rcmp crestRIP

      *Maintain Our Memories: I acknowledge and thank the RCMP Historical Section for allowing me access to their historical files for the purpose of recalling the sacrifices which these NWMP Members made to Canada and to the Force. JJH

    New: March 13, 2009

    • Re: S/Cst. Len Martin and S/Cst. Sid Elson - Cartright Det. NL

      Hi Joe;

      I spoke with Ms. Dianne Martin at Cartright Det. She confirms that graves for both S/Cst. Leonard H. Martin (her cousin) and S/Cst. Sidney T. Elson (her uncle) are both in the Cartwright Cemetery and their gravesites are well maintained.rcmp crestRIP

      Both graves have suitable headstones, (Len Martin's was provided by the Force) and Dianne thought that Sid Elson's headstone also mentions that he had been a S/Cst.

      As an aside, Cartright's Detachment Commander is a Cpl. Wendy Martin however, none of them are related.

      Presently, they don't have photographs of the two graves, but Dianne did offer to take some for me and I left her with my e-mail address.

      The only other "RCMP Grave" I have ever had anything to do with was that of Reg.#19915 Cst. George Ransom, one of the five members who drowned in Lake Simcoe on June 7, 1958. This funeral was in Melville, SK and I played the trumpet.rcmp crestRIP

      At the time, I believe I was the 2nd or 3rd last to be hired at the rank of Trumpeter - at 17 yrs old!!

      Vet Dave Bland
      Reg.# 20342

      *Thanks Dave for all your help which we appreciate. Let's keep in touch. In the meantime, we'll show this file as: S.U.I. JJH

    New: March 12, 2009

    • Grave investigation concludes!

      One of our Vet Associations reports that a long-time mystery which involved a complex investigation was finally solved this week!

      The case shows the tenacity which sometimes is required by our Vets to uncover the exact identity and location of a member's final resting place. In this exceptional case, the whole mix-up was caused by an incorrect spelling of the deceased member's last name!

      The mystery, the member and his memorial will show up in the 'Vet of the Month' story which appears later this month.

      In the meantime, our sincere thanks to these Vet sleuths for their dedication and for their volunteer work. Well done. Stand-easy!

    • Vet George Bliss sent in revised lists on our graves located and maintained in 'F' and 'Depot' Div.

      *Thanks George for all your help!

    • Ms Jennifer Yuhasz, M.A.S., Librarian/Archivist for the Maritme Museum home of the RCMP's St. Roch in Vancouver and Vet Don Waite, Ridge Meadows, BC have offered their help to provide photographs of the St. Roch. Their suport is appreciated!

    New: March 11, 2009

    • Vet Danny McNeil of 'J' Div. says: "The paper/messages have already started to flow for 2009 re: 'J' Div. Grave Site Inspections. As in previous years I will keep you in the loop!"
    • *Thanks Danny to you and the 'J' Div. squad!

    • A slice from Vet Jack White's history files.

      Jack relates the career of Reg.4613, Robert James Aitken. He joined the Force July 29, 1907 and by 1919, he had attained the rank of S/Sgt. In August, 1919 S/Sgt. Aitken opened Kamloop's first Detachment. In October 1919, he was joined by his second man Reg.#6530 A.D. Hilliker.

      Through his career, S/Sgt. Aitken had been posted to 'K' 'DEPOT' 'F' 'E' & 'DEPOT' Div's. From 1937 to 1939, he held the post of Secretary to the Victoria Vets.

      S/Sgt. Aitken retired on July 28, 1933. He died on September 12, 1940 and he is buried in Victoria, BC.rcmp crestRIP

      Cst. Hilliker was one of 27 men from the Yukon Contingent who volunteered for WW1. As a private, his service # was CEF 2684359. Cst. Hilliker died at age 58 and he is buried in the Pleasant Steet Cemetery, Kamploops, BC. rcmp crestRIP

      *Credit to Jack White -- 'Maintain Our Memories' It's all part of Force history!

    New: March 10, 2009

    • A slice from Vet Jack White's history files.

      Jack tells the story of Reg.#8362 Harry Adair. Cst. Adair joined the Force on July 15, 1919, but his career was cut short very unexpectedly because he 'left' on October 9, 1920.

      While posted to Rossland Det., 'E' Div. he got into some 'juice' and was intoxicated. We simply don't know, but given that he was a single member, can we speculate a woman was also involved?

      Anyway, Adair broke a window and then fired his service revolver.

      The Irish might say: 'So'? But, Adair was charged and appeared in Service Court before Inspector King. He was found guilty and given one month's hard labour followed by immediate dismissal!

      In those days, justice in the Force was swift,sure and cheap!

      * Maintain Our Memories and thanks to Jack White.

    • 'J' jumps in to help. Overnite, an offer for more volunteer help arrived from Cst. Peter Vail RCMP-GRC District 2 Oromocto, N.B.(Peter.vail@rcmp-grc.gc.ca).

      He said: "I have a few items of information which I can update/provide for you. As well, if I can be of assistance with any site inspections or in any capacity, please feel free to contact me.

      Cst. Peter Vail

      *What can I say? I gotta say you can't beat those guys from 'J' Div. Thank you, Peter!

      See Cst. Vail's full e-note under 'Feedback'

    • Reg.#20342 Dave Bland (dabland@gmail.com) sent in this piece of Force history:

      Hi Joe; In a previous note to you on Feb 13, 2009, Paul Matheson mentions that he recalled a grave of a deceased member who is buried in Cartwright, Labrador.

      This member would probably be that of S/Cst. Len Martin, who passed away on December 24, 1972.rcmp crest RIP

      I was stationed at Cartwright at the time and members came in from Goose Bay for the funeral. I hope this info helps.

      Yours truly,
      Dave Bland

      *See Feedback: Thanks very much Dave. Your info is very much appreciated and today we tip of our Stetson to S/Cst. Len Martin. Len served the Force for many years but he died at age 51 leaving a young family.

      Len was replaced by S/Cst. Sid Elson, who also passed away.rcmp crestRIP

    • 'Laird lines up 'E' Div.': A follow-up note arrived from Vet Laird Allan of 'E' Div.'s Lower Mainland. He says:

      "Dear Joe;

      I am working with the Regional Sgt. Major on the Grave Program and we are pulling together a comprehensive list and then get as many photos as I can.

      In reading your news about Gordon Gibb--I have know Stu Cameron for about twenty years and I was one of Gordon's pall bearers at his funeral in Victoria. We'll be in touch again soon"

      Vet Laird Allan, Reg.#28821

      *A note of appreciation has been been sent to Laird for his ongoing help. He is also a Force history buff as he served 31 years in "E" Div. He is also a freelance photographer. Laird can be reached at: (www.dlairdallanphoto.com)

      *What can I add? Since I served in 'E' Div., I gotta say you can't beat those guys from 'E' Div. Thank you, Laird!

    New: March 9, 2009

    • "Who's in the dock?" The oldest member (now deceased) recorded in the National Graves database was born on July 25, 1835. Prior to joining the NWMP, he fought in the US Confederate War.

      He rode in the March West then died on June 11, 1902. He lies in a small, hillside, well kept cemetery in the small village of Rileyville, Virginia. His name was Supt. Jacob E. Carvell and his Reg.# is 0.6 which was issued in 1873.rcmp crestRIP

      More recently, Reg.#40657, Sgt. M. Young, RCMP was promoted to the rank of Inspector and issued Reg # O.2591!

    • Vet Jack White advises that Reg.#16950 (Rtd) S/Sgt George L. Simpson died March 7, 2009 at Kelowna, B.C. He served from 1951 to 1980 in 'E' Div. retiring from Kelowna.

      On Jan 11, 2008 S/Sgt. Simpson was seriously injured in an MVA and afterwards he was also diagnosed with brain cancer.rcmp crestRIP

    New: March 8, 2009

    • "Down Memory Lane" : Reg.#11462, Sgt. John Nicholson Cawsey, first served in WWI with the C.E.F.

      He then joined the Calgary Police and switched to the RCMP on April 1, 1932.

      Sgt. Cawsey was a Maritimer, born in Halifax on October 23, 1889. He died in Calgary, AB on March 31, 1964 and he is buired in Union Cemetery, Calgary, AB.

      So what? Well, Sgt. Cawsey is credited with establishing the RCMP's Police Dog Service. We are reminded that Sgt. Cawsey and our Police Dog Service are worthy of distinction and honour!rcmp crestRIP

      Credit to: Mr. Reg Keatley, Friend of the Force, Calgary, AB and Vet Jack White, Kamloops, BC

      Subject: RCMP Regimental Memorial Urns & Death Benefits

    • **An important reminder arrived from Vancouver Vet Russ Lefler (info@barnandstable.com)

      Hi again Joe;

      I spoke recently with the wife of a deceased member while delivering one of my Regimental urns. She asked several questions regarding the interment process and I suggested she check out your website and the Van Vet's site. Prior to doing so, she wasn't able to learn a lot about death benefits.

      I think there should be easy access for spouses to acquire info when the other half dies. I notice that the 'older' generation don't have ready access to this info.

      I tried to find info for her from Morneau Sobeco's website but it wasn't very helpful plus it also required personal contact with Morneau.

      Alot of families have no idea what their benefits are or how they carry over to the other spouse. Most of it is by word of mouth and I wonder, if the member is not in a Vet's group, just how he or she gets the message?

      I'm sure there are a lot of ex-members out there who aren't aware of your website. (I intend to advertise my products (ie; urns) in The Quarterly to get the word out.

      I was just reminded of your website and thought that you might want to ensure that our members inform themselves about death benefits and share the info with their spouses. There will be a definite need one day!

      If you haven't had a chance, maybe take a look at my website, www.barnandstable.com -- you'll see that I have included a link to your website.

      I've had a lot of inquiries about the 'Depot' Division Cemetery process and I have directed quite a few people to your website, which is quite helpful.

      Cheers, Russ Lefler

    New: March 7, 2009

    • Vet Jack White finds an error in obituary of Reg.#1975 James Hedley CLIFT, NWMP who lived at Birch Hills, SK from (at least) 1925 and also died there.rcmp crestRIP

      Jack explains that SK cemetery records show a James 'F' CLIFT deceased 1945 and buried in St. Saviour's Cemetery, Plot# 460, Birch Hills as well as his wife. Jack strongly suspects they are the same person but listed incorrectly by slip of typing, hence middle initial of James 'F' ought to be James 'H'.

    • Reg.# 21392, Richard Dundas (rdundas@nl.rogers.com) enquiries of Troopmate Reg.# 21395 AB MacKenzie.

      "Troop 54 - 1960 is holding a 50 yr Troop Reunion in 2010 at 'Depot' Regina. In researching our troop I found 20 living members - 8 deceased members and 4 others that left Recruit Training in 1960 cannot be found.

      Seven deceased Troopmates are listed on your website. They are:Reg.#21391 LE Brewster, Reg.#21394 GK Grant, Reg.#21406 HJ Hehn, Reg.#21407 NG Wilson, Reg.#21413 CD MacDonald, Reg.#21416 DA Jones and Reg.#21417 PN Couves.

      Reg.#21395 AB MacKenzie as near as I can determine died in 2005 and is buried in Lower Monteque PE. I have asked a member of PE Vets to check this out to determine if MacKenzie is in fact buried in PE. I thought you should have this info that I picked up through my research. As I understand each Vets Assn in Canada has a grave site inspection annually and my PE Vet contact is going to have their member responsible for graves check it out. I received my info from MacKenzies brother via another Troopmate. As soon as I have more info I will pass it on. You may also want to pursue this with PE Vets. MacKenzie joined Force 1960-04-07 and left the Force in 1962-63-64(not exactly sure what year)

    New: March 5, 2009

    New: March 4, 2009

    • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#21382 (Rtd) Sgt Kenneth W. BAKER died Mar 4, 2009 of cancer at Victoria, B.C. He served from 1960 to 1981 in 'F' & 'HQ' Div. and retired from Security Service.rcmp crest
    • Vet Jack White and friends uncover two more grave sites of NWMP; Reg.#258 John W. Shields died in 1898. He is buried in Deer Park Cemetery, Lot # 461, Prince Albert, SK. Exact DOD not known.rcmp crest
    • NWMP Reg.#2407 Arthur Charles Grabill, died in 1915 and he is buried at St Benedict's Cemetery Lot# 370, Humboldt, SK. Records do not show precise date of death.rcmp crest

    New: March 3, 2009

    • Vet Reg.#41669 Mike Galbraith e-mailed fresh data on Reg.#25163, Cst Baldwinson's file. Cst Baldwinson died as a result of a PC accident in Surrey, BC while on duty on October 28, 1975.rcmp crest
    • Reg.#17185, Joe Hanks sent in more historical research on the events of April 1, 1932 as the RCMP absorbed the Manitoba Provincial Police (MPP).

    New: March 2, 2009

    • New information on about 88 NWMP members buried in Union Cemetery, Calgary, AB. was received from Mr. Reg. Keatley, a friend of the Force. Some of these ole' timers in Union include: Reg.#17, S/M Ira James Barwis, Reg.#175, Cst. Simon John Clarke and Reg.#32, Sgt. James Colvin.rcmp crest
    • Vet Jack White alerts us that Reg.#28006, Ian C. Fowler died at Harbour Grace, NL on March 1, 2009.rcmp crest

    New: March 1, 2009

    • Vet of the Month story is posted under Vet's Corner. The story is dedicated to the memory of Reg.#4279 S/Sgt. S. G. Clay and his wife Mrs Agnes Clay.rcmp crest

      Vet of the Month

    • Jack White reports: Reg.#13700/O.576 C/Supt. Harold Bernard LUROSS died Feb 25, 2009 at Saskatoon, SK.rcmp crest
    • Vet Alan McLauchlan wrote to say that he would volunteer to research material on graves. *Thanks Alan.

    New: February 28, 2009

    • Vet Bernie Gagnon, Ottawa Vets provides new info on several Tropmates who are deceased; Reg.#20971, J.R.G. Jacob, Reg. #20983, J.M.C Piche', Reg.#20977, P. Delvin, Reg.#19403, M. Henrion, Reg.#20996 J.G. Webb, and Reg.#20989, G.E.A. Bonshor.rcmp crest
    • Vet George Bliss of Regina sent in a new photo of our historical Dawson City Cemetery. George is about to patrol on holidays to Dawson City where he will undertake additional research on the Dawson City Cemetery
    • Vet Jack White reports that Reg.#0.37 William Macaulay Herchmer, NWMP died at Calgary, AB but he was buried in St. John's Cemetery in Winnipeg, MBrcmp crest
    • Web statistics: Over most of February, 2009 this website has been averaging 75-100 or more hits per day from about 146 Canadian cities and towns. International hits have originated from 22 countries.

    New: February 27, 2009

    • Reg.#17185, Joe Hanks provided historical information on the Manitoba Provincial Police (MPP)and their absorption into the RCMP in 1932. Research is underway to determine if Sgt. Adam Edward Ross of the MPP was included among the MPP to have joined the RCMP.

    New: February 26, 2009

    • Vet Bill Newcombe sent along new data on the location of 14 Halifax graves.

      *Thanks kindly Bill your this help. Your information was new and very helpful. It has been added into the databank.

    • Vet Jack White digs up yet another: "Joe; you probably know there were three Herchmer brothers in the NWMP. While searching for death/burial of Reg.#359 (Original Series) Reg.#14 (New Series) belonging to S/Sgt George Field Herchmer (grave not yet found), I stumbled across the following site with headstone photo of Reg. #O.72 Commissioner Herchmer and thought you might be interested?


      *Dear Jack, you betcha! Comm'r Herchmer was our fifth Commissioner (1886-1900) and he is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancovuer, BC.rcmp crest Thanks again! JJH

    New: February 25, 2009

    • Reg. #33228, Bob Elliott , Coordinator of the Graves Inspection Program in the Golden Horse Shoe patrol area wrote to say that he and his Vet Team are engaged in research of graves and ...'are looking forward to working with you on this great project.'

      *Bob, thanks for a great note and my response is enroute to you. Congratulations to our Vets in the Golden Horse Shoe!

    • Reg.#21009, Vet Don Marshall (marshala@telusplanet.net) is planning a 50th year Troop Reunion. He asked for help identifying the graves sites of his deceased Troop mates plus data on their careers while in the Force.

      *Assistance was provided to Don, however, his request highlights another new and important dimension of our Vets Grave Location and Maintenance Program -- which is, that help can only be provided to Vets if everyone chips in by gathering historical data about the Force and the final resting place of our members. Please help us by 'digging up the data!' JJH

    • Vet Jack O'Reilly notes: "Reg.#111, Henry Wilson, NWMP is also buried in the Lake of the Woods Cemetery, Kenora, On. He was born in 1853 and he died in 1954 at 101 years! His file on the NWMP site, shows a picture of Henry Wilson & his wife on their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1945."rcmp crest
    • Jack O'Reilly also provides this update on a friend: Reg.#15277, E.R. 'Ted' Madill passed away in Regina on January 28, 2009. Ted's obit appeared in a local paper because he was born on the family farm near Alton, ON (just north of Brampton, ON).

      There will be a memorial service for Ted on Feb 28, 2009 at the RCMP Chapel in 'Depot', followed by a reception in the Officer's Mess. Interment likely in the 'Depot' Cemetery. Ted was a true gentleman.rcmp crestJJH

    New: February 24, 2009

    • Vet Jack White says: "... a genealogy friend stumbled on an obituary that I had never heard of and was too late for me to do usual distribution; Reg.#15895 2/Cst Patrick Olaf HOWE died November 16, 1999 at Lethbridge.rcmp crestDetails on database.
    • Jack O'Reilly and the Toronto Vets sent in an revised list of deceased members lying in Toronto area cemeteries. Of particular interest, is that the Toronto Vets have found the graves of many former members of the NWMP. For example, Reg.#409 Joshua Wallace Collins, Reg.#704, Peter Kerr, Reg.#0.46 'Frank' Norman and Reg.#0.104 Arthur Murray Jarvis.rcmp crest
    • *I'd like to express my appreciation again to Jack and our Toronto Vets for their dedication to the Grave Location and Maintenance Program. In many cases where research details are required, we also depend on the work of Vet. Jack White to whom we also express our thanks. JJH

    New: February 23, 2009

    • Reg.#16697, George A. 'Skip' Wheatley died on February 21, 2009.rcmp crest
    • Reg.#15776, W. Kenneth Williams died on February 22, 2009.rcmp crest
    • Ms. Gloria Harvie sent five photos of deceased members graves which are located in the Lake of the Woods Cemetery, Kenora, ON.

      The five members are: Reg.# 9356 E.E. Crandall, Reg.#9354 J. F. Bellamy, Reg.#18893 G. F. VanBelleghem, Reg.# 21694, J.R.A. Copeland and Reg.#28187 R.A. Ratushniak.rcmp crest

      Accompanying the photos was a note to Vets from Ms. Harvie. She said: '...I was really impressed with your site and can see the the benefits for genealogical research...thank you for your work on putting this information on-line...". Yours truly, Gloria Harvie.

    New: February 22, 2009

    • Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#38077 Cst. J.R. Richard Forest died June 28, 2003 of ALS at Bowmanville, Ontario. Cst. Forest served from 1984 until his death in 'C' & 'O' Div's. He was posted to Bowmanville at time of his passing.rcmp crest
    • Jack says: "Somehow, Cst. Forest's death was missed by everyone and only learned of through [the efforts of] Toronto Div. Vets' and their ongoing Grave Inspection Program."

      *Our condolences are offered to the Forest family and our appreciation once again goes to our Toronto Vets for their continued interest in our Grave Location and Maintenance Program. JJH

    • Research recently by Vet Jack White reveals that NWMP Cst. Adam Vihelm Knuth died in Los Angeles, California on November 19, 1942.rcmp crest

    New: February 21, 2009

    • CM Earl J. Tooke, RCMP passed away in Ottawa on February 17, 2009rcmp crest
    • Reg.#20654 Rod Macdonald recalls this tidbit of history about the first two OIC's of Burnaby Det.
    • "Hi Joe; I just read your comment about transferrng from 'Depot' to 'Burnaby' (1965) when Reg.#0.499 Insp. F. L. (Les) Jeeves was the OIC. 'Les' Jeeves was a very close personal friend of my dad (Reg.#0.479 Insp. J.A.Macdonald) and in fact they were both detectives with the BCPP at the same time in Vancouver!"

    • A generous offer to help with the RCMP's Vets Graves Location and Maintenance Program was extended from Reg.#22821 D. Laird Allan, 'E' Div. See: 'Feedback' under Comments Corner.

    New: February 20, 2009

    • Two graves were found by Reg.#17039 Cecil Coutts in 'E' Div.. The first member is: Reg.#6665, Cst. Louis Joseph Richier,(DOD: June 21,1931) Hazelwood Cemetery, Abbotsford, BC. Block 7, Lot 4. There is no grave marker.rcmp crest
    • The second is Reg.#18735 Sgt. Francis 'Bun' O'Neill, (B: Oct 4, 1933), (D: Aug 27, 1994). Hazelwood Cemetery, Abbotsford, BC. Block M7, Lot 341. There is an RCMP crest on this privately funded marker.rcmp crest
    • Yours truly, 17039, O.821 Cecil C. Coutts, Supt (Rtd)

      * Dear Cecil; thanks for your help, interest and support. JJH

    New: February 18, 2009

    • Information was received from Vet Dave Holmes, 'L' Div. regarding the final resting place of Reg.#19746, Maxwell Bowles, Reg.#12265 Patrick Joseph MacLeod, Reg.#11736, Percy Lewis Boudreault, Reg.#11753 Harold George Speers and Reg.#11743, Joseph Aeneas MacPhee. See database.rcmp crest
    • A personal letter was received from Mr. Reg. Keatley, Calgary, AB which provided details about his two deceased uncles; Reg.#6503 Ebenmezer Keatley, RNWMP who died at age 98 on April 12, 1974 and Reg.#11751 Robert Lawrence Crawford, RCMP (Musical Ride 1933) who died at age 74 on December 26, 1984. See database.rcmp crest
    • Reg.#26873 Stu Cameron e-mails new data to the file of Reg.#22512 Gordon Gibbs.rcmp crest
    • Ottawa resident Ms. Sharon Quinn discovers this website and finds her grandfather's name Reg.#3527, Charles David Joyce as being a member of the NWMP.
    • Charles David Joyce was a brother to Reg.#3528, Frederick M. Joyce.

      Another relative, Reg.# 3493, Michael Alphonsus Joyce was also a member of the NWMP.rcmp crest


    New: February 17, 2009

    • Facinating news was received from Reg.#16818 Bud Squair about Reg.#7501 William John Henderson. Bud says: "I was pleased to learn of your website and I recall that Henderson was my great-uncle.
    • According to information I have accumulated, he was buried January 2, 1919, in Row A, grave 1, Canadian Plot, Russian Naval Cemetery, about 3 miles to the southeast of Vladivostok.rcmp crest

    • Reg.#19816, Ron Smith (pat.ron@sasktel.net) wrote to say that "... Reg.#21553, Jack Kucherawy and I will photograph all the graves in the Prince Albert area when the snow depart our lands. We also have much info in the local archives, where we are both volunteers, and will be able to supply info on a lot of our member's deaths.
    • * Dear Ron and Jack; Thanks for your note as well as the offer to assist in the historical research available in your local archives. Your help from PA is greatly appreciated!rcmp crest

    • Reg.#3630 Arnold Creelman, NWMP is subject of a short story by Reg.# 18711, Gordon Creelman, President of Creelman Security Services. Click: Vets' Corner then go to 'Contributions from Vets'.rcmp crest
    • Here's a note from Reg.#17950 Ed. L. Burnell regarding the Manitoba grave of Reg.#oo224 (old series) John Bonn LYON, NWMP. Ed reports that: "I spoke again with Ron Lyon in Smith Falls, ON. Ron tells me that that there is no headstone, only a cement cone shaped marker with the number 145 inscribed. (Transcona Cemetery, Nr. Winnipeg, MB at site: S 1 #145).
    • Ed continues: "Ron has made contact with the "Last Post Fund", Sask., Manitoba Branch (part of Veterans Affairs). He has requested a proper headstone for Cst. John Bonn LYON as he also served in the Great War, serving in Canada, England and France.

      A new head stone is forthcoming. It will be the standard military Regimental model (39\" x 15\" x 3\" deep."

      Ed concludes: Joe; "If you need further information, Ron Lyon would be only too pleased to help."

      Best regards and good Luck. Reg.#17950 Ed. L. Burnell

      *Dear Ed; thank you again for the update and I promise to call Ron Lyon for new proceedings on the grave site of NWMP J. B. Lyon.rcmp crest

    New: February 16, 2009

    • A kind note was received from my friend Ms. Jodi Worden, spouse of Reg.#49314, Cst. Christopher John Worden containing a photo of Chris' headstone at Beechwood National RCMP Cemetery, Ottawa. Chris' name and memory is the RCMP's Honour Roll # 219. Jodi also enclosed a painting of Chris that was presented to her at the Hay River Memorial on October 25, 2007. It is currently being housed on loan to the Heritage Centre in Regina, SK.

      *Dear Jodi; Thank you. The photos of Chris will soon appear on this website.

    • Vet Jack White advise that Reg.#48548 Cst. Jason Andrew Porter lost his life February 15, 2009, along with his two infant children Jack & Hannah Porter when they were in collision with a bus on icy roads at Oromocto, N.B. Cst. Porter was off duty in their private car. He served from 2001 until his death in 'J' Div. at Perth, N.B.
    • Vet Bill Newhouse, President, South Okanagan Divison notes the following "...that Reg.#14773, John Robert Simpson was cremated and interred in Lakeview Cemetary, Penticton, BC
    • "...that Reg.#15432 Malcolm Figley was cremated and his ashes were recently scattered by his spouse on Muncey Mountain, a small hill overlooking Okanagan Lake in Penticton.
    • "...that Reg.#10269, G. Robert McDowell was creamated, with his ashes intered in the Oliver Cemetery, Lot 6, Block G, Pine Section.
    • "...that Reg.#2153 Geoffrey Hardale Ashton, (NWMP) born April 1, 1860 is buried in Fairview Cemetary, Penticton, BC. His date of birth was supplied by Vet Jack White.
    • "...that Reg.#16504 Hugh Lynch Drybrough, date of birth of March 4 1924 and died November 22 1978 in Penticton, BC. Buried in Lakeview Cemetary, Penticton. Information provided by his Hugh Drybrough's widow, Maria.
    • "...that Reg.#21168 Thomas Alexander (Bud) Cumming, DOB: September 15, 1940, died August 15, 1992 in Kelowna, BC. 'Bud' is buried beside his father in Evansburg, Alberta. Information provided by his widow, Maxine.

      *Dear Bill, I am deeply appreciative of your help and support. Thank you. I have also sent everything on to Jack White.

    New: February 15, 2009

    • Hi Joe,
      I've recently been looking at the RCMP Graves site and I think it is great that you are putting the effort into developing and recording all this information.
      When I was stationed in Inuvik, NWT we made skidoo patrols to Herschel Island, Yukon and during the patrols we inspected the following graves:-
      Reg.#3948 Sgt. Stafford Eardley Aubyn Selig, RNWMP: 1880 to Jan 30, 1911 and Reg.#5548 Cst. Alexander Lamont, RNWMP: March 1897 to Feb. 16, 1918 (Honour Roll #41)
      Regards, Vet Ted Pettit, Bridgetown, NS
      *Dear Ted; thanks for your note of support. Your contribution is invaluable. I'll also add the photos of the two graves soon.
    • Reg.#23513 Wilson Noseworthy sent us a photo of Reg.#17314 R.C. Stevenson's stone marker in 'H' Div. It will be added to the website soon.
      *Thanks Wilson and all 'H' Div. Vets for your great support!
    • Reg.#31540 Lonnie Grant Neely died under unusual and suspicious circumstances in Mexico in 1978. Reg.#33898 Mike Duffy, Sgt., Medicine Hat, Sheriff Highway Patrol writes that deceased member Neely is buried in the Swan River Cemetery, Swan River, MB.
    • A Memorial to Lonnie Grant Neely exists at the RCMP Crowsnest Pass Detachment including his photograph and a summary of his death.

    • Reg.# 23856, Jim Simpson writes that: "...Reg.#22986 Mac MacCallum is buried in a grave with an RCMP headstone on the Brackley Pt. Road, PEI across the street and just north of the family homestead.
    • Thanks very much Jim. I've added your location of Mac's grave site to the databank.

    New: February 14, 2009

    • Vet W.M. (Bill) Newhouse, Penticton writes: Joe; Reg.#S/586, S/Cst. Constant Henderickx went by the name of "Jim". He was creamated, and his ashes were spread on Skaha Lake in Penticton. Keep up the good work!
      *Thanks to you Bill, Jack White and all the 'E' Div. Vets and members who continue to be so supportive. Joe
    • Vet Jack White uncovers that: Reg.#600 Cst. Norman John D'Arcy, NWMP served from October 16, 1881 at Fort Qu'Appelle, SK until he accidently drowned May 5, 1882. He is not on the RCMP Honour Roll and nothing noted in his Service file, so we presume he was 'off duty'. As well, there is no information on his burial place or even if his body was recovered.
    • Vet Jack White advises that: Reg.#32080 / O.2323 Insp. James M. WAKELY died Feb 13, 2009 at Abbotsford, B.C. (Entered database)
    • Reg. #23513 Wilson Noseworthy (sixfour@cogeco.ca) wrote to say that Reg.#17314, S/Sgt. Robert Clayton Stevenson died on 06/04/1992 at Bible Hill, N.S.
      Wilson Noseworthy offered to send us a photo of R.C. Stevenson's headstone.
      *Dear Wilson, thank you for your note and yes, please sent us a photo of R.C. Stevenson's stone marker.

      A Note of Appreciation was received from Stephanie Gillis daughter of Reg.#13367 S/Sgt. Michael A. Gillis.Click: 'Comments Corner' then go to Feedback

    New: February 13, 2009

    • Reg.#1197, NWMP, George Frederick 'Skinny' Adams is the subject of a short story by RCMP 'HQ' Div. Cpl. K. M. Derkson.
      Click: Vets' Corner then go to 'Contributions from Vets'.
    • Reg.#15740 Doug Watt (dougwatt@telus.net) notes: "... a Troopmate, Reg.#15734 Supt. Joe Collins trained at 'Depot' and 'N' March to November 1949. He died in Edmonton, AB in late 70' or early 80's.
    • *Dear Doug, thanks for your note. We believe that Joe died on Feb 10, 1984 and he is buried in Kelowna, BC. I do not have a snap of his grave stone.
    • Stephanie Gillis (sg2898@telus.net) writes ..."I have been looking for information on my father, Reg.#13367 S/Sgt. Michael A. Gillis. His database file is not complete. He was born in New Waterford, Nova Scotia in 1914.
    • I was hoping to find out his years of service, when he started in Regina. If there is any information you could send, I would be very grateful." His daughter, Stephanie
    • *Dear Stephanie, I trust the information which I sent to you will be helpful.
    • Reg.#22666 Arthur Frederick Slade, DWS is buried in Corner Brook, NL wrote his brother Reg.#23371 Sid Slade.
    • Reg.#19372 W.L. Donahue, 'K' Div. and Reg.#23685 J.J. Healy are compiling a list of members who joined the Force from Charlotte Co. NB. A partial list can be seen under 'Bufflo Joe's Corner'.
    • Reg.#34165 Paul Matheson, (paul@ncsd.ca) reports taht " when I was stationed in Cartwright, Labrador from 1979 to 1981 I did upkeep on an RCMP member's grave. I cannot recall his name and I could not find any clues in the database."
      *Thanks, Paul. I will ask the RCMP in Cartwright to send us a photograph.

    New:February 12, 2009

    • Mary G. Patterson, spouse of Reg.#21252, Denis G. Patterson sent in new information for her husband's database file.
    • Note of appreciation was received from Ottawa Div. President Al Rivard. Click: 'Comments Corner' then Feedback.
    • Reg.#17500 William Gordon Fleet is buried at Canyon View Cemetery, Summerland, B.C. -- with thanks to Reg.#22172 W. M.(Bill) Newhouse.
    • *Dear Bill (Newhouse); I'd sure appreciate any help I can get from the Okanagan Vets.
    • Reg.#oo224 John Bonn Lyon, NWMP joined in Toronto, June 05, 1877 and was discharged in 1878. He died on Sept. 15, 1929 and is buried in the Transcona Cemetery, Nr. Winnipeg, MB at site: S 1 #145. This information came to me from a possible relative by the name of of Ron Lyon of Smith Falls, ON. From what I am told there is no name, only #145. With thanks to Reg.#17950 Ed. L. Burnell.
    • Joe, you show Reg.#21543 Terry Kehoe's POD as uncertain - either Oshawa Ont. or Oliver, B.C. I can confirm that he passed away in Oliver, B.C. He was a member of this RCMP Vets Division and his wife Mary still lives in Oliver. With thanks to Reg.# 22172 W.M. (Bill) Newhouse, President, South Okanagan Division.
    • Thanks Joe for making the changes in the database; Got word of this website from our Edmonton Vets. I did not know it existed. I say, a great site to have in place!
    • I spoke with Reg.#20516 Hank McLaughlin's wife. She is very appreciative and very happy about the site.
    • Yours truly, Reg.#25016 Barry Lindsay
    • Vet Jack White reports: Reg.#547, NWMP Joseph McCARTHY died at Ottawa in his 79th year. According to McCarthy's file he was born in 1862. DOD might be 1940 or 41? His death notice only says died on Sunday in his 79th year as a retired motorman with Ottawa Electric Railway.
    • BuffaloJoe; Reg.#3082, NWMP Cst. Nicolas Kunzli is buried in the cemetary outside the former Town of Aden, Alberta, about a mile west of Secondary Highway 880 on Secondary Highway 500. Aden as a town no longer exists. However, there is a Canada/US Border crossing nearby - the Canadian side is called The Port of Aden; the US side is called The Port of Whitlash. The cemetary is still 'in service' (if that is the correct term)?
    • The amalgamated detachments of Bow Island/Foremost (in "K" Division) were maintaining a file for inspection of the grave. Up until my departure the grave was checked annually. As of July 2003 the grave and Regimental Head Stone were in good repair.

      I have contacted Sergeant Greg Squire, the new NCO i/c of Bow Island/Foremost. He will inspect the grave when the snow melts - in 6 to 8 weeks.

      Yours truly, Mike Duffy, Cpl. (Retired) Reg.#33398

    New:February 11, 2009

    • Reg.#19067 George Frame died Feb 10, 2009 in Winnipeg, MB
    • Reg.#12352 Donald F. VanBlarcom died Feb 10, 2009 at Kelowna, BC
    • Reg.#22305 W. Norman Peters died Feb 10, 2009 at Medicine Hat, AB
    • Now hear this! A strange but facinating note was received from a Vet. who related this tale!

      The Vet said he had a distant cousin who was a member and he died. His body went missing on his last train ride while under RCMP escort! "...his remains disappeared when the casket was sent by train. Somehow the escort lost track of it and it ended up in Montreal. Time has passed and I don't remember all the details as it took place many years ago. The church service had to be postponed until the casket was found and returned. It was very embarrassng for the RCMP. His family no longer want to talk about it!"

    • Mr. Earl M. Lutz at (elutz1@cogeco.ca) wrote asking for help: 'Would like to locate the grave site of NWMP member Reg.# 1469 Boaz Albert Lutz. in North Battleford Sask.

      Three members (NWMP) were on their way for a weekend of fishing at Jackfish Lake when their horse got spooked and bolted throwing all three from the wagon. My great uncle Boaz was the only one that died as a result of the accident. It happened on April 27, 1895 and he died on May 2,1895.

      Read more about NWMP Boaz Albert Lutz under Vets' Corner' then go to 'Vet's Contributions'.

    • Notes of appreciation were received from Reg.#22858 Dave Service and from Reg.#20654 Rod Macdonald.

      Another kind note was received from Ms. Kathy Maurice whose husband Reg.#40876 was killed in an 2003 MVA and is buried at 'Depot' See: Feedback under 'Comments Corner'.

    • Ms. Gloria Harvie, Chairperson, Ancestor Seekers of Kenora wrote to say: "I searched your database and found 6 graves located at the Lake of the Woods Cemetery in Kenora Ontario. Our local genealogy group photographed the entire cemetery this past summer and we would be glad to email you photos of the RCMP graves located here".

      *I replied to Ms. Harvie saying that we would be very appreciative to receive the photos.

    • Curious? Q1: Ever wonder the name of the first Officer-In-Charge of Canada's largest detachment circa 1962? See: 'Contributions from Vets' under 'Vets' Corner'. Q2: Who followed him as subsequent OIC's?

    New: February 9, 2009

    • The Chaplains List has been updated: See: 'Chaplain's Corner'
    • Ashes of Reg.#12844, Sgt. George W. Elliott were spread over wide open spaces of Manitoba reports Vet. Murray Adair.

    New: February 6, 2009

    • Several new contributors have sent information about family grave sites. Click 'Comments' on Home Page.
    • Reg. # 22690 Dennis Isfeld wrote to say 'thanks'.that the website was helpful:"Got your reply. Thanks very much. Very helpful and good work done."

    New: January 26, 2009

    • The January 2009 Vet of the Month story (See: Vets' Corner) has been published.
    • Obituary references from The Quarterly continue to be added to the graves database. Thus far, about 10,000 obit references from years 1933 to 2001 have been added.
    • Reg.#19512 Cpl. L. G. (Gary) Clement is buried in Dickson, AB. A photograph of his grave was sent in by his friend Reg. # 19480 Ted Hersh and with permission of Gary's spouse. See: Grave Photograph Database on 'Home Page' - scroll down to 'K' Div.
    • Vet Murray Adair of Bruce Peninsula, 'O' Div. reports there is no damage to the grave of Reg.#817 Andrew Edington, NWMP (DOB: June 8, 1860) buried in Edgehill Cemetery, Colpay's Bay, ON. The Cemetery is presently closed due to flood damage.

    New:January 15, 2009

    • RCMP Historian Glenn Wright reports he did a complete file review (National Archives) of deceased Reg.#1626 Bernard Lasswitz (Mystery of the Rogue Regimental Number - See Buffalo Board). The plot thickens as Glenn says there is no reference in the Service File to Reg. # 90 which is stamped on the Lasswitz grave marker which lies in a small Ucluelet Cemetery, Vancouver Island.
    • A new, up to date list of all RCMP Chaplains has been received from RCMP 'HQ'. It will be added to the 'Chaplains Corner' soon.
    • A 'Letter of Blessing' to all deceased Police Officers was received from the Papal Nuncio in Ottawa. Archbishop Luigi Ventura is the Holy See's Ambassador to Canada. The Archbishop's letter will soon be published.
    • Several e-mails are received daily from the families of deceased members. Each note contains valuable information about the location of a member's grave and its condition. The information is added to the deceased members file in the graves database.
    • This website averages 25 to 50 hits every day from all over the world -- Canada, US, England, France, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, India, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and many other countries. Web hits originate daily from 93+ Canadian cities.
    • Central Vancouver Island Vets Association have begun their Grave Location and Maintenance Program -- see report from Vet Laurie Jamont under 'Vets' Corner

    New:January 6, 2009

    • Thousands of obituary references from The Quarterly have been added to the database
    • Photographs of graves in ‘J’ Div have been added and updated
    • RCMP Vets such as Paul Young have sent photo’s and new data on graves for inclusion on the website. Reg.#16910 Paul Lawrence Geisler died Feb. 18, 2006 and is interred at Capital City Cemetery on Prince of Wales Dr. Ottawa.
    • New: January 1, 2009

      • Kirby Anderson, grandson of Reg. # 10501, S/Sgt. C. W. Anderson wrote to say that S/Sgt. Anderson is buried at the Capital Memorial Cemetery at 3700 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa. S/Sgt. Anderson was also the Riding Master for the Musical Ride during his service.
      • An e-mail was received from a deceased member’s daughter. She asked that the Division Coordinator of Grave Inspections be advised that the lettering on her Dad’s grave was becoming illegible. She was seeking help and direction to have some work done on her Dad’s graves stone. The request was sent to the Division Coordinator.
      • Ken Cornforth of the Toronto Division sought information about a deceased member in the Legion Magazine. He received a reply from a Mrs. Buckerfield who was able to provide Ken with new information on Reg.#7409 C. O. Heming. Mrs Buckerfield said that that Heming died in 1952, possibly at Brandon, but is buried in MacGregor, Man.

        As well, Ken learned that Heming was born in Grey Twp., Ont. (Bagnor-Meaford area). He once had been a bank manager and he had been a member of "B" Squadron sent to Siberia 1918-19. His Army Reg.# was 2772594. No information was available on Heming’s wife or family, but Mrs Buckerfield said she would call Ken again if she ‘digs up’ anything else. Our thanks and appreciation goes to Ken in Toronto.

      • A letter was received from Vet Jack O'Reilly, Toronto Div.